Sunday, November 23, 2008

Working Online When Travelling

Many working online offeres through the internet. Why chose working online? because we are free to do it. Was not depended by the place and time. Moreover when going on a trip.
In his relations with traveling. We could do it in the hotel, the internet cafe, restaurant. During still connected with the internet connection.
We could see our commission from far away. From our destination place. The results that have been obtained by us from this work. We get more money. Even more also the place that could be visited by us.
We must be careful
warning....warning.....warning....SCAM alert!

we could see many more of online working. but right now we talk about "home typing jobs". "Home typing jobs" are now the highest ranking work-at-home scam on the internet according to leading internet fraud watch dogs.
be wise to get involve with this job.
if you've beed scammed by one of these companies report them to the following agencies:
the federal trade commision
consumer protection agency
better business bureau

but do't worry, Still many companies that really legitimate. ypu can trust them, as I am.
again ,if you really want to look for conventional jobs in internet. the safast places to go to this company.find the comfortable company that care to the worker. and we could really working online by this company.
bravo travellers.......Bravo working online

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freelance Writer

We could combine our traveling hobby with freelance writer. We could send results of our article to various media like, magazine, trade journal, newspaper, website or newsletter.
The media publication that contained the article about tourism usually was given by the title. "Travel","vocation", "culture". we were not tied with another company . We could write anything that was encountered by us during travelling. Like, interesting incidents, the traditional ceremony, reorganised religion, the most foreign ethnic culture group.
Again better if being combined with the photograph of the place of the incident or beautiful place. because in writing we could explain details from that photograph. the profit moreover we could money from that photograph. two part that were not could read about freelance photographer.

If you able to write and had a good skill in writing, and indeed your hobby is writing. You could make a book about your trip. About happy and the sorrow for the trip, tips when going on a trip.
Travel-writer, was a work where using work time to carry out the trip to various places and afterwards to the writing object . He could produce two or three articles every time in a months. and was sold to the publication media all over the world.
From now on should not pass each kind of torque when travelling. and wrote in accordance with your capacity.maybe could increase your money.
If you were attracted by the world wrote. and want to learn about writing. please visited this site:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freelance Photographer

If we take a trip, we always bring documentation tool, that is camera. Traveling really always closely related with photography.
Because photo can speak up, remember memories of place we had been visited. Photography activity can be give much money. Even less if combine with article writing. Practice your ability in takes picture. To get better picture. Maximize your camera future. Study best picture taking corner.
To make good angle. usually price one photo that held between 5 until 20 dollar.depending quality of those picture.

Occasionally your photograph could be valuable very high. Moreover through to thousands of times . for example: during the tragedy incident 911, the terrorist's attack in the WTC building in New York City. It was sold through up to $100.000 .

To send results of the photograph, we might not be waiting come home. If we used the digital camera. We could at once send him through internet. By even more from internet cafe in the corner of the world in fact in the tourist place although. But if you were still using the camera with the negative film, certainly you must print it first. by using scanner facilities, the results of the photograph could be sent by us through the email.
Put on our eyes during travelling. possibly we had interesting object or special moment. that could be embroidered by us and was sold.

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Another equipment list

Other equipment that can be prepared during the trip. look simple, but later can help us. this good also wanted in pressed moment.
- Flash light
- Simple foreign language dictionary
- Little pocket book. For place to write the essential things like telephone number, address, departure time-table.
- Reservist pen
- Camera, batere and film
If we use digital camera, don’t forget to bring batere reservist, and several memories card with high storage capacity. Be carefull in bring this camera, especially in crowded place. Because sensitive crime. Save well and use it all time wanted.Because of this camera, we can remember memories moment during the trip.
- Jacket, we could bring the waterproof jacket. Usually made from parachute.

- Adaptor international, we can use it in anywhere place.
- Individual medicine
- Multi purpose jack-knife, usually SWISS ARMY brand. For security reason. Is not admitted to bring harp thing into Passenger cabin. We must save it in bag that put at baggage before we flight.
- Several plastic pocket to separate dirty clothes with clean clothes.
That’s all you need if you want to travel light. if you stay at luxury hotels sure all available. Even sometimes you are busy to take
Little matters. Just order the bell boy. More to practice, chooses appropriate goods and last for our need. If you out from hotel,
Just choose that we need during the trip.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Language Factor And How Overcome It

Going to trip overseas is always identical to foreign language communication.The foreign language difficulty will not obstruct someone to go on a trip.

Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English origin linguist and person who like traveling around the world. Based on his experience of traveling around the world found the studying method the proven foreign language effective with the study period in general 30 days. The language generally only used 500 until 1000 the kind same words repeatedly. To study a foreign language, buy a book that had 1000 vocabularies or more. Or a book that contained simple expressions in the foreign language that was studied by you. I could suggested, try to learn one hour in day. Wrote the words in a sheet of paper. Studied words or the expression in an occurring manner. Study simple grammar. Bring this card anywhere you go. When we are in the bus, or waiting for the ticket , trapped by the impasse in the road . Enjoyed in study. you could buy the newspaper or the local magazine. Listened to the radio or watched television. Or study simple language .

If we usually use the english as communication . We might not worry, because in tourist place . English was the international language that often in use. We could communicate with the seller, the tour official or the people that was around the place that indeed understood with English.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Equipment That was Needed Before Departing

If we have plan for traveling in 15 days. bring equipment just only for 15 days. Sometimes I see people who traveling get much suitcase, even a big suitcase."if you want to travel, travel light" just brought the important things . like:
  • Backpack or simple suitcase.This was not valid if we went with the family.
  • Money belt, a wallet that could be installed on the waist and was covered by clothes or trousers . Because it is thin and long, will not be seen from outside.The benefit of money belt to keep the valuable thing like the passport, the ticket, the credit card /ATM card, money or traveler's cheques.
  • Prepare one set of clothes like socks, trousers, underwear, the long-sleeved shirt( for cold air) and T-Shirt.
  • The personal things. Prepare contact lenses along with the drop liquid of the eyes and his silencer liquid, or sunglasses. prepare the comb, black sunglasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, the female bandage, and the razor.
  • Bring trip directory. If you did not gather in the travel agent. the trip directory needed for you . the map also really was needed to know the location of your destination.
This things was needed for someone who want to trip alone or backpackers even the people who get trip by travel agent. The things above was the common use.The other things will be explained soon in more details......just wait.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Compiled The Work Program

We could make the work schedule to plan before the departure. we could make it with
list. The list may contain like:
1. Chose the kind of airline. Ask about the price, maybe we received the cheap price or in discount price.
2. Looked for information about the everyday life cost in the destination country.
3. Looked for information about the condition for the tourist visa, pasport and his cost
4. Looked for the map of the guidance of the trip from airport, the railway station, and don't forget about money changer location. Change our money if needed.
5.Looked for information about hotel, restaurant that near by the tourist place.
6. And the other option that we have to prepare it before. Like weather in destination place, the currency, you have to see about the currency at least one times in a week. Try to learn the simple conversation in the destination place. Find information about the cultured. Remember, different country have the different culture. We can considered about food and drink. We can called the culinary travel. We can find the various kind of food and drink from another country.

You had wrote this scedule carefully, maintenance day by day. if there another option you add in the list. this is not easy to do but you have to commitment to realised your plan." It is not a thing to be walked for, but it is a thing to be achieved. Think positively. this clasically problem for traveller is money. This is the main factor that could be happen. Don't forget to saving...saving..again saving, can solve the problem. I will tell you later about, we could get nice income from traveling in my next posting.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Determined the tourist places

I precisely see that one of the main factors in determining the favorite tourist places was very comfort: comfort in visited the tourist places, comfort in shopped, comfort in used the transport, or comfort to stay like the hotel.The great place like:

venice:In Venice light and water combine to create a restless magic. All borderlines are eradicated some where between dream and reality, present and past, the ethereal nature of this town has fascinated many famous people.The Torino Hotel is situated in the heart of Venice, near the luxurious boutiques of Calle XXII Marzo and just a one minute's walk from the spectacular St. Mark's Square.

Malaysia: The country in south asia, rich of the best tourism places. Like Petronas Tower surounded by five star Hotel, and many places for Shopping. Sometimes the goverment of Malaysia trough the ministry of tourism held more festival like: Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, Penang International Lantern Festival, Langkawi Mackarel Run, and this is for people who like shopping there are special Discount.
how about my country, there is the best place for traveller. BALI ISLAND....
the famous places for travelling. many interesting tourist places in Bali.
Bali offering complete comprehensive hotels, villas, accommodation,surf, Tour, adventures and's warm friendly people.
I'll talk about the best tourist place around the world with nice picture
in my next posting.Just wait....

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Monday, November 10, 2008

planned for the trip

Where our position now?If now we are the rich person, certainly would not be difficult. If want to carry out the trip anywhere.The money can talk anything. When someone play basket we feel happy. Than just only watched someone playing basket. How if we playing in reallity.
This plan must be managed before we go for the trip. Three important questions before carrying out the trip.Where do we want to go? When we begin the trip? and the last question is, How to carried out? the key of this question is: how do we brave to make decision. Just not waiting get the lottere. we could departed.

The first question: where do we want to go?
Open our eyes. and begin to record and see. You read this blog. certainly you are interested going on a trip or most was not attracted anything about travelling.Focussed to the place that you like. or the place in accordance with your hobby. If we want to see traditional culture we could go to Japan, china, or the Bali island . See the beautiful scenery we could go ke Australia, Netherlands. Want for shopping we can go to Paris or Singapore

The second question : when we begin the trip?
the answer is clearly.I will carry him out in one or two year. You must be obedient in date line that you make. One time you change the date line. Finally your intention decreased together with the time increase.Sometimes we had the barrier. Even to canceled it, anything that happened, don't change your decision.

The third question: How to carried out?
how about the cost? we can use our saving or we work harder.
how to communicate with people from that place? We could learn. the everyday expression language. We bring the dictionary, the simple way to know the word.
how to get the hotel to stay at night? we could see the information from the internet.
about location, the cost and the service from the hotel and many more question that we talk later
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Three categories of the person who like travelling

The first category that was mentioned tourist. Usually they have much money. In carrying out their trip used travel agency in one tour group.In several days or several weeks. they used luxurious bus facilities, cruise ship, Sleep in the five-star hotel with food and drink facilities completely.And usually buy luxury things to complete their collection.

The second category that was mentioned traveler. usually they do not join the tour. they planned personally for their trip . usually they were thrifty and like to socialise with the local community.Traveler liked the freedom. The backpackers including in this category.

The third category was mentioned the adventurer. they were ready facing the challenge, although in the situation that was dangerous, to get the money, popularity and knowledge. maybe we can see " Indiana Jones" the movie. he like the " pure adventure" so much.

How about you?
In what category if you want take this traveling?

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Get up from the dream

let's dream again. Life was very enjoyable. First class flight.Sailed by the cruise ship, slept in the five star hotel , rent limosine complete with the personal driver. Traveling was the sweet dream that will never end. If traveling overseas was always identical with luxury and the expensive cost. Possibly at this time was not name by the backpackers.I had the friend who stopped from his work. to bring about his dream as travellers.. I thought about being not possible for him to make a big sacrifice , whereas his career was so good. he said: "traveling around the world was very satisfaction. and money could be looked for later. I agree with him. But we could plan that before. for example, by saved our money first, planned what country that wanted to be visited , the accommodation cost, etc Read More......

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the dream around the world

Visited the tourist attraction in various parts of the world was the pleasant experience.I often heard the story from friends who just came home from the tour trip with his family.About the Paris glory with the eifel tower.The beautiful in the Chinese wall until was seen from the month, Niagara Waterfall scenery in America. Sometimes they brought the present from the trip. From souvenir that we could know from where they visited. travelling around the world.........WHY NOT?
Let's dream if we became the rich person. Definitely we could bring about our dream.
Who knews we get lotere. but whether to go to the place that was so beautiful outside there, must be waiting rich. I have friend from England. He told me that sun not shine brightly all years. So the trip has been planned before. at least one yars. so, without becoming rich we could go on a trip overseas. Read More......

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