Sunday, December 13, 2009

Get Thousand Dollar By Reviewing Product

There are many ideas to get money when traveling. Traveling identical with shopping. When we are visiting tourism place we buy something in that place. Whether it common things or special things. Why we don't get thousand dollar from that things. This is online job. We can do that in many place, as long as there is an internet connection. This is a simple job. Just reviewing product and we get the money.
Hence for every approved review of 750 characters you will be getting money for it. Its very easy to write. You can write about anything you like I mean any products either you like or you hate you can express it here and get paid for it. They first accept reviews from you and they will use those reviews and advertisers use them on their sites for promoting their own products. Hence what advertisers give will be shared 50/50. There is no special skill here. Just write and write. There is a lot of opportunity here. Everyone can do that.

Why I like this site. Because we get thousand dollar without no registration fee. Thousand people success by working in this company. This is scam free. And this is legitimate company. And it work, it proven with many people get thousand money from reviewing product. Another benefit is we can share each other, we can get a lot os friends. And the important thing is we can get money.
I think many of you heard about this site and even tried before. Earning money from this site is not a difficult thing. All you need to do is, write a 750 characters review(i.e. 150 to 200 words) about a product that you generally use in your daily life. For example, about your mobile,processor,modem,speakers,skateshoes,pen etc. Just write a review about a product either negatively or positively and earn your money. We can review from things that we but in vocation or traveling.
I have a secret how to boost your income from this site. After you register by clicking the banner below. Please contact me by email at:
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sea Sand of Bromo Mountain

Mount Bromo is one of the tourist destinations in East Java, Indonesia. Natural attractions are located in the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru in the eastern city of Malang, East Java. Visitors not only local tourists, even many who come from abroad.
We can see many beautiful scenery at this mountain. From Penanjakan mountain, it located near bromo mount, we can see beautiful sunrise. Have you ever go to Indonesia, there is no one to visit this mountain. The pre-dawn departure and trek across the mountain's 'sand sea' to watch the sun rise at the crater rim has become a daily ritual, joined by visitors from all over the world. Although by no means the highest mountain in the region, Bromo has gained a reputation on account of its fantastic surrounding landscape. This mount like a great painting. Please have a look the picture on this mountain.Although Bromo isn’t the highest mountain in Java, but it’s probably the most famous one.Bromo is in fact only one of many peaks inside the massive Tengger Caldera, but it’s easily recognized as the entire top has been blown off and the crater inside constantly belches white sulphurous smoke.

Because the cold weather, don't forget to wear jacket and head cover. And we can take a look a great ceremony, this is a kind of ritual from the native over this mountain. It called "kasodo ceremony". Many Participants in the midnight ceremony on the sand sea. We can riding a horse while on bromo mountain or looking around the sea sand. With the cost between $5 until $7. The sea sand of Mount Bromo width reaches 10 km ². With height of 2392 m, we can see Mount Bromo activities that shown the smoke, we can also see the scenery above and sea sand with the temple in the middle.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chocolate Museum of The World

Are you chocolate lovers? or chocolate addicted? Maybe this is the best place for us who like chocolate very much. This is not kind of restaurant or shop, but this is a museum. Maybe we get bored to visit another museum. How if we go to chocolate museum, we can taste the chocolate after looking around the museum. I will explain about the chocolate museum while we are traveling.This is the interesting place to visit.

Lindt Chocolate Museum
This museum is located on Cologne , Germany. Actually this is an active chocolate factory. We can taste various chocolate in this place. We are as a professional chocolate taster here. We can taste the chocolate before it sell out. Imagine we taste our favorite chocolate beside the Rhine river.

Cadbury Chocolate Museum
This museum is located on Birmingham, England. Cadbury is my favorite chocolate brand. In this museum we back to the old story and tell about how the AZTEC tribe found the chocolate. We can met John Cadbury as the Cadbury's founders. Inside the factory we can play with the chocolate, we can write our name in the chocolate for souvenir. It sound interesting.

Hershey's Chocolate World
This museum is located on Hershey city, Pennsylvania. Hershey is the famous chocolate brand in USA. We can find all about chocolate and we can learn about how to make great chocolate.

Alprose Schoko
This museum is located on Lugano-Caslano, Switzerland. For traveler, Switzerland is the best place for traveling. While on traveling we can visit this museum. On Alprose Schoko we can study how to process the delicious chocolate,how to packing the chocoloate. We can tasted also. This is the heaven for chocolate lovers.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unusual Hotel in the World

Maybe we feel bored to stay in usual Hotel, like another hotel. How if we stay is unique hotel. I just give some information. Maybe we get new experience with these hotel above.

Das Park Hotel (Pipe Hotel)
The hotel is located in Germany. This hotel was built by concrete pipe. The shape like water pipe with the mini design and a unique door. All seem so simple but still looks comfortable.With comfortable mattress, mini bar and room service until 1 pm

Capsule Hotel
We can find this hotel in Amsterdam and Nantes, France. This hotel is actually the salvation capsule of oil drilling tower. With 4,25 meter wide.Although not bigger than usual hotel,but it nice to stay.

The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel
Can you imagine that you stay in the Wine drum, unbelievable. We can find this hotel in Netherlands. A long time ago, this drum was filled with 14,500 liters of Beaujolais wines. Accommodate two people with standard equipment, plus a bathroom and sitting area.

De Glace Hotel
It located in Canada. Rebuilt every year since the year 2000 until now. Maybe we are looking a warm hotel to stay. How if we stay in the ice hotel, with much snow around us. We getting cold and prepare jacket or winter clothes to stay in this hotel.

Im Wasserturm Hotel
This hotel is located in Cologne city, Germany. A long time ago this is a water tower in 19th century. Just a clever architect can create a hotel like this, with 78 rooms. Very elegance and beautiful
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Most Frightening Food from Asia

If we like traveling around the world. We must know kind of the special food from that country. Especially if you go to Asia. Have you ever try this food"The Most Frightening Food from Asia". Some food is considered as a unique food (even unsavory for some people). Maybe this food that can make you nauseous. This is not "FEAR FACTOR" show, but real food that serve to consumer. I'll mention above.

Fried Worm
This food can be found in Indonesia. This worm is from flyblow red coconut. Or from Sago plant, it called sago worm. The worm was fried after it cleaned. It so crunchy out side, but soft inside.

Fried Spider
We can find this food in Cambodia. Cambodia is the capital of insect eater.In Sukuon the small city, it called Spiderville. In the city, along streets filled with women who carry a tray full of big spider Skuon. It taste crunchy like a crab, but it still scary with the palm size.

Fried Mouse
This is not a mouse like in our house , but it is forest mouse.This food is cooked with various spices, especially in Vietnam and Thailand. According the doctor, mouse dangerous to be eaten if not cook well. It can cause diarrhea or another disease.

Fried grasshopper
We can find this food in Yogya, Bantul, Sleman. Those area is in Indonesia.This is a kind of wood grasshopper, which are found in summer. The people there looking this grasshopper in dry season, and sold as snack.
It become our choice, what food do we like. We have to travel in those country to try the frightening food.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Death By Chocolate (DBC) & Spagheti

If you come to Indonesia, precisely in Bogor, West Java.Don't forget to visit at this restaurant. Scary name with delicious food and drink. The first time we think that we will die after eating chocolate. This is just only name.This restaurant is very comfortable place to eat. Located in the middle of Bogor exactly at Ceremai road. It is an old house that looks like the home in the Netherlands era. The wall is dominated by brown and beige black color. The seats are also used black color and the table used brown color. It seems that the restaurant want to show the scary impression of visitors. On the back there is a small garden where we can see beautiful scenery and feel the blowing wind.The scary concept of restaurant.Especially when we visited in the night. Because the dark room with little candle. Suddenly came the waitress with the black rob.
For the menu do not doubt, because it is very delicious.

Kind of menu we found there, like Spinach Fritata Tomato, Ground Beef, Mushroom Chicken, Tuna, Smoked Chicken, Sausage and Seafood. While available as a complementary soup ravioli, red kidney beans, sausage, salad, and omelet. Spaghetti is also offered in a variety of sauce such as carbonara, Bolognese, marinara, octopus, and spicy.

The benefits of Death By Chocolate (DBC) & Spagheti:
- Nice cake like a cemetry
- Roasted spaghetti, the menu of food that have not been there in Bogor.
- Use fresh ingredients, without preservative substances.
- The existence of a space sensation.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bread Story, Chapter Two

Europe Bread
Europe people uses bread as a daily food . Can also be presented to the special event.In the city, the bread does not have rich taste because basically they use only wheat flour. Different from the bread that comes from the village, they use natural materials from their respective. In Germany more. using wheat flour is known by the name "Lanbrot", mixed with rye. For parties they make special bread it called "Partybrot". Portugal people mix corn in their bread it called broa. Hungary is different, potato is everywhere.

American Bread
People who live in the southern United States bring their tradition to toast the bread from their area. Without using the technology from Europe which has been since mid-century.In terms of form, American bread has varies more such as "Parker House Rolls bread" wave. Originally created by Parker house Hotel at Boston,in the ea. Has a Shaped like arly 19th century. One more bread, which is the U.S. favorite breakfast food is "Cinnamon Raisin Bread". Enrich by milk and raisins inside. Baked with cinnamon and butter mixture.

Middle East Countries Bread
Bread has important role in Middle Eastern Countries. Not only eating as main course but also for the snack. The most common form is round and flat. In the middle filled with vegetables, or meat. Lebanon, Syria and turkey people using a large traditional toaster . Meanwhile, Iran and Persia and use a variety of topping such as cheese, and fresh spices. and presented at the breakfast.

Indonesian Bread

Actually bread is not so important for Indonesia people, because they usually eating rice or corn. But there is a special bread that has unique characteristic it called "Bread crocodile". Usually eaten at the wedding ceremony . As true love symbol. Almost one meter long .

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bread Story, Chapter One

bread not only as a main food only. Several centuries ago, in French, bread symbolizing social status. Such as Baquete bread with a long white and can only be purchased by the nobleman. Pain de Campagne Bread is bread to the middle, such as farmers. Courobe bread with the hole in the middle. it designed by baker. For now the bread is spread across the world.Different countries also different the type of those bread.

Italian bread
For Italian people it's not complete if the bread not available on the table. Which is a unique from Renaissance until now have not changed. Southern Italian bread known as Stromboli, contains mozarella cheese, spices and vegetables. For breakfast southern Italian people is usually normal use bread Panmarino, enriched with olive oil and eggs, mixed with raisins and added fresh Rosemary.The people in the Tuscany make Schiccata Con Uva bread is very delicious bread mixed with wine and raisins

England bread
When viewed at a glance, the form of England bread is a bit hard and impossible to be chewed. But once bitten, feel soft in the mouth. Seen from the history, fresh white bread only presented to the countess. A baker made two types of bread, the brown and white. To determine the social class.A material that should not leave if you want to make England bread or more familiar as a of Victorian Milk Bread is wheat flour and milk. Because of it this bread is white.United Kingdom family always presents Granary Loaf Pan. Mix of wheat flour and rye, also used the mixed of yeast rice.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Legian Village Hotel, Cheap Hotel in Bali

Legian Village Hotel, one of the cheap hotels in Kuta, Bali. International standard Hotels, comfortable and have complete facilities.If you are looking for cheap hotels in Kuta, there is no one to book a room at the hotel Legian Village. The hotel is very comfortable and also quite cheap,

Legian Village Hotel is located in the road Yudistira Kuta Bali, one of the strategically located in the Kuta area where there are many hotels and other tourism supporting facilities, such as restaurant, bar, art shop, and others. Located quite close to the Legian Beach (only a few minutes walk), make this hotel a suitable choice to spend a holiday in Bali. In addition, Legian Village hotel also offers a relatively cheap price of the facilities and services in a very satisfactory.

Hotel Facilities
Equipped with a swimming pool, restaurant, spa room, internet corner, parking area and the page that can be wide enough to accommodate many vehicles. So booking hotels in Legian Village, and enjoy all the facilities you have during the holiday in Bali.

room type
Superior : USD 30++
Deluxe : USD 35++
Bungalow : USD 45++
Extra Bed : USD 15++
Room rates based on per room per night and includes welcome drink, breakfast for 2 people, and 21% government tax and service.
you are interested, If you go to Bali. Don't forget to stay at this Hotel.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Most Expensive Dessert in The World

If you travel around the world.You'll not forget to taste some original food.After this, we certainly try dessert. Dessert food that is usually sweet.if you sweety food fans,tried various sweet unique food and the most expensive dessert in the world.The expensive dessert will serve only for those of you that have overlapping contents bank account.If you have enough money, why not try?

1. Platinum Cake
This cake not many produced, but the cake worth $100.000, you will not miss the beautiful colors shimmer. Cake is made by Nobue Ikara, a famous Pastry chef from Japan, as the top woman. Cake that is dedicated to famous women such as Japan and Rinko Kikuchi Chie Kumazawa this are expected to encourage women to want to use the jewelry from Platinum

2. Frrozen Haute Chocolate
This food is Sundae category (ice cream mix) ,with rates reaching $1ooo per share.
Haute Chocolate Frrozen worth $25.000.this is the result of cooperation between the Serendipity 3, and a jewelry expert, Euphoria New York. Sundae is a mixture of 28 kinds of chocolate, and 14 of them are brown, and these most exotic in the world.
Sundae also contains 5 grams of gold that can be eaten and also have a gold bracelet with diamonds in the glass base. In fact, this Sundae eaten with a gold spoon, and a few grains of white and brown diamonds, which you can save

3. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence
Food that is made one of the hotels in Sri Lanka is worth $15.000. This food has become the second most expensive food in the world. This food is also delicious and not less interesting than the usual food. It consists of cassata gold leaf, and the mango and pomegranate compote. this food will be normal if it does not appear with chocolate fisherman decorations sculpture and 80 carat aquamarine stone
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make good Scenery Picture

What was wrong? Nature scenery was very beautiful but the result of the photograph was very disappointing. Don't also blamed the camera. Sophisticated camera equipment still could not become the guarantee someone could make the good photograph.
Natural tendency-especially in the beautiful natural scenery, is to use wide lenses and the random play as much as possible of the subject. the beauty of the place that will affect the image produced. Usually it does not work either. Although the ability of the lens to capture the width of the the wide is a blessing, it is often better to use the tele lens (far) to isolate the interesting parts of a scene. In the two cases (the use of wide lens or tele), you must find to organize or present images as possible with the landscape include the things that are not necessary.

Try to think about the landscape like an image that has a short story of (foreground / background front), the middle (middle ground / background center), and the end of the (background / background). On a spectacular field of agriculture, for example, you can use the old train as foreground, the way land intricate as middle ground, a warehouse and a red light as the backgroud. A farmer who is lead horse can be a main character or the subject of your photo. (Remove the number of chickens around if you take a subject complement.) Very few natural look neatly organized on the first view, then your main task is to find a place that benefits can translate or convey it to the images that attract your eye on the scene it.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Netherlands Cheese Is Very Tasty

Travelling to the Netherlands is not complete if you do not enjoy cheese. Netherlands is one of the country's famous cheese producer in the world.
In the Netherlands it is a hill, let alone mountains. That there is a flat plain with grass-grass that turn. Perhaps because that landscape the flat course, the most common business is keeping livestock, such like cattle and sheep.from livestock that is the milk, cheese made. Many small cities in the Netherlands that we can visit to see the process of making cheese. We can visit Edam, this area he was the rather famous in the Netherlands on cheese business.

a. In the Netherlands there are many different cheese based on the recipe and how to make it. Is the famous Goudse (Gouda cheese), Edammer (Edam), Leidse(cheese Leiden), Friesche(cheese Friesland).

b. If you read any posts Edam, that means the cheese is made with the techniques and recipes are originally from Edam. Cheese is not made in Edam. Can also be made in Amsterdam or elsewhere. Similarly, if you read any posts Goudse kaas, cheese does not mean this should be made in Gouda cheese, but using recipes and techniques of making the origin of the city Gouda.

c. differences Edam and Gouda cheese, Edam is that of the ball but if more of Gouda cheese, thin but large (although the weight to 12 kilograms.
d. Edam is usually less salty or less than the salted Gouda cheese. Overtly normal for us compared to Edam Gouda cheese.

e. In kassboer (seller cheese), and supermarkets in the Netherlands we could find any posts with cheese, for example, 20 +, 30 +, 40 + and 48 +. This indicates the actual fat. If you find any posts for example: Goudse kaas 48 + means the womb is Gouda cheese fat more than 48%. Because the current diet, then I am usually a womb fat cheese that 10% or a maximum of 20%.

h. Age cheese usually also affect price. The young age of an animal, usually the cheaper price, while the elderly are usually more expensive. This is because to make the cheese, old age requires "maturation" or longer in storage.

hopefully increase our insight about cheese
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Enjoyed The Exotic of Kazakhstan

How apparently became the biggest country to nine in the world? Certainly became the special blessing for Kazakhstan. Yes, owing to the width that reached 2.727.300 square kilometer, the country that was located in Middle East and Europe have beauty nature. From the plain, the wide meadow, taigas, the rocky chasm, the hill, the delta, mountains were snow-covered to the desert.

This was offered by Kazakhstan for tourists who like nature and the adventure. Mentioned National Garden Almantinsky that was located in the Talgar mountain or fresh him the Lake Col-Say that crossed the Kungey Alatau forest. Not only beauty of nature only that was offered by this Soviet Union fragment country. Old buildings were historic until the typical delicious Kazakh meal ought to be tried. With the mainstay menus was made from horse meat.

Several cities that could be stopped over in in Kazakhstan among them Almaty, Astana, and Taraz. Respectively the city had the different uniqueness. In Almaty for example. As the cosmopolitan city, here was encountered many restaurant, shop, hotel as far as the casino. The biggest city in Kazakhstan offer city gardens and the public's space that really adequate. Increased by picturesque scenery from the Zailijski Alatau Mountain that stretched like the wall at the south of Almaty.
But we must be on the alert when going for a walk in Kazakhtan. As you know, the level of criminality in this country began to be moving high. However, this will not obstruct explored exotism of the bordering country direct with Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and this Tiongkok

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 Free matters in Paris

Actually best matters in the life were available free in and around us, in fact in Paris that was expensive. If you were planned to Paris or at one time was in the city, along with was several activities or the matter that you could enjoy free. Beauty in fluctuating grass: Paris was a city that was filled up by occupants of the apartment. Many gardens in Paris functioned as the page behind for families that were not counted by the amount. This place definitely became heaven also for the tourists. Several favourite gardens were among them Jardin des Tuileries and, crossed the Seine river, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin du Carrousel (by Tuileries), Place des Vosges, Jardin du Palais Extravagant, and Parc du Champ de the March.

Beauty in fluctuating grass:
Paris was a city that was filled up by occupants of the apartment. Many gardens in Paris functioned as the page behind for families that were not counted by the amount. This place definitely became heaven also for the tourists. Several favourite gardens were among them Jardin des Tuileries and, crossed the Seine river, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin du Carrousel (by Tuileries), Place des Vosges, Jardin du Palais Royal, and Parc du Champ de the March.

Gathered with the workforce:
had something that was very interesting when we paid attention to people carried out his work was temporary we went on holiday. The program for a long time take the form of open houses was combined with the method inovative produced Meet the Parisians at Work (saw Parisiennes during they work). Nah, there you could see the direct action of the trader's trade persons, the manufacturer of bread, the manufacturer of the place of the candle, in fact cutting the diamond.

Enjoyed the worship of the heroes:
you were interested looking for the new adventure? The lovers of the book could carry out the tour to the house memorabilia Honoré de Balzac (in 47 Rue Raynouard) and Victor Hugo (in Place des Vosges that was so elegant). Now they who more to the type of the researcher could visit Left Bank Laboratory where Marie Curie worked since 1914 till his death in 1934. Musée Curie apostr s that was restored with very thorough had perabot original, instruments, and three gifts nobel that was won by the Curie clan.

Saw the light:
To know why Paris was called the "light City", you was walking enough when the day began to be dark when the attraction of the star lighted sky like the christmas tree. One matter that could not be passed was the Eiffel Tower, that was covered by 800 strings of the amazing white light. For the more amazing effect, came when you could witness 20.000 light bulbs flickering for 10 minutes of performance time. It was curious that more about this tower? The clique to download the escort audio him, free, and six other sites.

And rejoice at the wheel:
the wheel-at-every sunday a fenomenal events and popular in Paris. At the wheel in Sunday's event with the carrier rollers & Coquillages stodge areas free of the vehicle 12 miles, and started off at 2:30 in the afternoon near the Place de la Bastille. Similar events more extreme version of the 18-mile is done every Friday night. If your boot is designed to run, it is wise to join in the Rando-panameurs hiking in the free monthly event.

Get enthusiasm:
Although you have to pay for menapaki tower-tower or down the crypt some Paris cathedral of extremes, you will not be free of charge when entering religious places. Some big names who offer the extra. Notre Dame, for example, specifically the organ resital free sunday afternoon on the tour and in English three times a week. Does not want to lose, Sacré-Coeur invite visitors to attend the rehearsal koor for one hour on sunday morning 9:45 hrs.

Last homage:
Funeral Pere-Lachaise is a comfortable place to spend time throughout the afternoon. Since 1804 this cemetery, located in the 20th Arrondissement has become the latest health for the people who became famous cultural icons. Chopin, Colette, Molière, Modigliani: they all lie here. Similarly Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, Georges Seurat, Sarah Bernhardt, Gertrude Stein, and Jim Morrison.

Taste the window:
Leche-vitrines (or "Taste the window") is the same as the term window shopping, and the lifting Paris has become a distinctive art. For the first time to taste the best place is in the vicinity of Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg St-Honoré, retail traders in saana very chic shops hold them. From the store that began with the letter "C", and you'll find Cartier, Chanel, Chloe, Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix. Can you say "Ooh la la?"

Dance the night away:
the issue of funds for the rather watch the can-can girls kicking their heels in Moulin Rouge. However, there are many places where you can practice the movements on your own-and may get a few lessons spend without any money . For beginners, go to the dance plein air (open every night, if weather allows, the month of May to September) on the Quai Saint-Bernard. Are you ready to make your last tango in Paris or gavotte your first? Tourism Board can guide you toward the right place.

Go to the Museum:
Do not fed first. Paris has some of the most interesting museums in the world and some of them can be entered free. That means you can trace the history of the city in the Musée Carnavalet (a mansion to century-16 which is the home for the canoe-canoe from the era of Napoleon Neolithikum to swing), or enjoy the arts and artifak in the Musée Cognacq-Jay, and know the stories about perfume france in the Musée Fragonard, all without the money also. The famous Louvre free for visitors under the age of 18 years, and completely free for everyone on day 1 sunday a month. ( / EGP)
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tips the Free Thing Expenses the Tax

Don't was easy tempted with the free thing claim the tax in the international airport. You must be thorough and knew newest information to be able to could the maximal profit.WHAT that usually is done by you in the international airport? Just honest, not many that could be done apart from washing the eyes in shops (duty free) available, and from time to time you were possibly tempted then spent money from the wallet to buy something. Most of the we knew definitely what was needed by us, could aftershave, perfume, a bottle of the drink or possibly cigarettes. However, where the place was best for bought things like that?

Most people who travel with international flights generally have three options when buying goods tax free. At the departure terminal, in a plane, or in the arrival terminal. The logical, thinking person and the price certainly does not make the same comparison, but the big one.

Sometimes for the same size, brand and type, the price can be very different. So, you need to make a calculation before removing the money. Does not believe? Try to do the survey, only small when you travel.

The following results watching some time ago, a special flight path to Hong Kong to Bangkok. Mild Seven cigarettes at a price 12 aircraft in the U.S. dollar, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is valued 120 cigarettes Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to 14.8 U.S. dollars, and at the Bangkok International Airport (Bia) costs 480 bath Thailand or around 12 , 2 U.S. dollars. By buying direct flight time (in plane), you save 2 U.S. dollars per pack of 200 content. For valuables such as cheap cigarette price differences are small but still be eligible.

But you need to remember that the stock of goods in the aircraft is limited. If the aircraft does not have a stock of goods that you expect, you have no choice except to buy time until the arrival terminal. Also note that the prices change every time, so make sure you have adequate information so that you can save your money!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Find Mate From Travelling

Travel around the world is very pleasure. For us who still single. we get the double fun. We meet with various people from other country. Also meet someone special.

This experience, such as my friends who will travel to England. When he was in the plane he sat beside a girl from Turkey. She was very beautiful, this is called love first sight. They both told each other about the life of their own. They do not feel up to the airport.
Started from there continue their relationship. There was a match between both of them. They never imagine that in the way they meet a mate.

But when we travel, we are at the very knowledgeable. And there are many people that we can meet.T his is the best opportunity for us who are still single in life. We can meet colleagues in the same country in the same way.
For dating information please feel free to visit this site

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phuket , The Beautiful Island

You definitely knew Phuket. Although not visiting there. at least once, most have never heard it.phuket is an island tour in thailand overlooking the Andaman sea.This island-resort with a famous resort with a beautiful beach.Beauty of the Phuket nature panorama could be equated with balinese. Not surprising if the Time magazine in 2006 as a place to put Phuket fovorite is the most visited after balinese.
for a perfect holiday, Phuket offers a complete selection. marine that looks like stone. beach with white sand like crystals, will provide calmness, freshness and new rilexsation. you can swim, snorkeling, rock climbing or beach.

in order to travel you really effective and satisfactory. you need to know the places you need to visit in the island. following several locations in Phuket.

This is a very popular beach, is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing and parsailing. nightlife and shopping place is also a favorite.

Kata Beach
Two lines of the beach is perfect, and enjoy the style of Thai massage by the beach. The surfer come to the word during the month of June to November to conquer the wave

Phi Phi Island
This island became the location of the making of the film The Beach (Leonardo Di Caprio). You can see the Viking Cave, with paintings on ancient walls.

Phang Nga Bay
One of the miracle of the world, with a unique formation of rocks.You can also see the Bat Cave, or to James Bond Island (the location where the film The Man With The Golden Gun)

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Travel Tips With The Child

When going out the holiday with the family was very pleasant. Moreover if you have wife or husband and the child definitely. However the important is to maintain the safety and your child's comfortly ,fun and enjoy this to realize my idea?

in the plane
- Make sure that the seatbelt your child continued to be installed and should not let he playing in any way during in the aircraft. Bring the toy, the book, or his favorite music so he felt at home in the seat.
- Make sure this plane give the maximum service to children's passengers, from emergency equipment for the child, like food as well as peppermints that were good especially the child.
- Should seated your child near the window not near the path. The child usually liked saw the cloud or scenery from the window of the aircraft. If the child in the path, they will be disturbed with other and risky passengers.
- When the children want going to the bathroom, accompanied him, should not let the stewardess accompanied him although they are friendly.

In the hotel
• First that must be done when entering the room of the hotel, you must check comprehensively whether having the object that could endanger the child on the floor, the bathroom, or whatever. Check the window, the door, and the key from the door.
• If you have small kid, immediately pacified objects like the ashtray, the manufacturer of coffee, the hair-dryer, and the other object that were easy to be covered but to be dangerous for the child.
• Make sure the floor or his carpet was clean. The bed and the bathroom also confirmed in the situation just was cleaned correctly.
• Should not let your child played with the telephone.
• Should not let your child opened the door if having cream service or who. Let the adult who overcame the guest who came to your room.

other suggestion:
• bring complete first aid for your child. like vitamins, first aid band.
• bring your child's toy that most he liked during the trip
• find the information place that will be visited through the book, the internet or information from the friend.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great wall the Chinese greatness

China was one of the biggest countries in the world. because so wide, so as to be not enough very much the trip to look around. moreover with many uniqueness that were owned like beautiful nature scenery.
The Chinese uniqueness already was felt during you step on foot in beijing. entered this city, you will be amazed with so neat town planning and neatly. as the capital of the country, Beijing was the biggest city in China, his air was cool and clean. this was looked by the number of trees that surounded the city. one of the amazing place in beijing is the great wall. The great wall was one of the world miracles.
The wall of the giant who crossed six provinces, was built to hinder the nation attack mongol and manchuria. long the building was 6400 kilo meter. in a wide manner dibagian upper 5 metre and the underside 8 meter. every time 180 until 270 metre was made the reconnaissance tower high 11 until 12 metre.

This wall was the only building that was seen by astronout from bulan. moreover this building also became the symbol of the greatness and the Chinese determination to maintain himself from the influence luar. during 1987, this building was put in the list of the site of the UNESCO world inheritance.
The glory and the greatness of the wall of this giant became means of attracting the tourists that visited cina. this place was year round visited by millions of tourists that want to saw from close to the longest building that had been made by human. went all along this wall to the not forgotten experience.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Important During Holiday On The Beach

Holiday at the beach certainly really enjoyable. We could doing our swimming hobby or just only take a walk enjoyed the beach atmosphere . If on the end of this week you intended to go to the beach, don't forget to bring things. So we can enjoy this holiday comfortably.

Be aware with the affected of the sun ray. Our skin is most protected by the sun rays should not forget bring the sunblock, the body perfume, lip balm, soap but also shampoo.

Reading material books like the magazine, cd player and mp3 player plus earphone was good things to bring during the holiday. We could enjoy the atmosphere of the coast while lazing around.

Bring provisions food. the drink, or enough snack.Because if the beach that was visited is natural beach certainly we can't found the seller of food and the drink over there. Moreover with the hot weather will not make you dehydration.

Finally, don't forget to bring swimming clothes, the hat, sunglasses,the towel and the beach bag. bring also snorkeling equipment to avoid if the service of the rent service which not give snorkeling equipment to be hired out.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


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Bali was one of the most interesting tourist attractions available in Indonesia.
Bali Island has 8 (eight) Regencies which provides spectacular cultures and natures to look at.Therefore, it has been our pleasure for taking you to the journey of those wonderful places.Many tourist attractions that could be visited by us, like
White water rafting : Ayung river at ubud, Ubud : Artist painting, Celuk : Gold and Silver smith, Tohpati : Hand batik factory, Uluwatu temple : Monkey forest, temple on the hill, kecak and fire dance, with beautiful sunset Jimbaran bay restaurant : A rest with live and fresh grilled seafood on the beach

Have you ever feel walking at the bottom of the ocean and wondering what goes on in there. Now........ you can do it,Y can walk right throughthebottom of the ocean and witness the sea life of all kind,With our unique diving system, we will escort you to dive downdeep.

For someone who like adventure, Bali is the best place for adventure, like
The true balinese experince and Don't leave bali before visiting us.Like White water Rafting, Elephant safari, Horse riding, Trekking, Cycling,Kayaking

For relax we can use many facilities here, like
Toya spa is one kind of body treatment that combine waterwith traditional treatment.the balinese architectural style in the spa villas,combined with the countryside atmosphere with luxury facilities like pools, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, feelings,beauty and relaxation.

For romantic couple, Don't forget to enjoy the unforgettable sunset with dinner on the beach at jimbaran, the beautiful beach, near from air port, nusa dua and kuta area.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on shopped in shenzhen-CHINA

Shenzhen is a city that was located around 147 km from the Guangzhou. city the Guangdong province ,could be followed around 2 hours from street. This city grew apart from as the business city also as us tourism city. Shenzhen was the modern symbol of china, because now more open .This city full of the spirit and energetic.
Shenzhen was known as heaven for anuone who like shopping. As the biggest shopping centre that was located on the heart of the city offered various sorts fashion trade-marked and trapped that his price was quiet cheap . In this shopping centre for clothes, bag, souvenir, shoes and electronics things. Many famous souvenir as the china typical was here.

Shenzhen is the interesting place with full of entertainment and became the mainstay to get the tourist. Like the place of China Folk Culture Vullages entertainment that was developed in 1989 widely 22 ha. Here you could see the settlement and the life 22 minority ethnic groups in china. In the theatre you can see the intensity of the minority ethnic group rode the horse by all attraction. You should not forget to visit to "Window of The World" where we could see the miniature of the temple, the building and the statue that became the symbol of this country.
Have a nice visit !
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