Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unusual Hotel in the World

Maybe we feel bored to stay in usual Hotel, like another hotel. How if we stay is unique hotel. I just give some information. Maybe we get new experience with these hotel above.

Das Park Hotel (Pipe Hotel)
The hotel is located in Germany. This hotel was built by concrete pipe. The shape like water pipe with the mini design and a unique door. All seem so simple but still looks comfortable.With comfortable mattress, mini bar and room service until 1 pm

Capsule Hotel
We can find this hotel in Amsterdam and Nantes, France. This hotel is actually the salvation capsule of oil drilling tower. With 4,25 meter wide.Although not bigger than usual hotel,but it nice to stay.

The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel
Can you imagine that you stay in the Wine drum, unbelievable. We can find this hotel in Netherlands. A long time ago, this drum was filled with 14,500 liters of Beaujolais wines. Accommodate two people with standard equipment, plus a bathroom and sitting area.

De Glace Hotel
It located in Canada. Rebuilt every year since the year 2000 until now. Maybe we are looking a warm hotel to stay. How if we stay in the ice hotel, with much snow around us. We getting cold and prepare jacket or winter clothes to stay in this hotel.

Im Wasserturm Hotel
This hotel is located in Cologne city, Germany. A long time ago this is a water tower in 19th century. Just a clever architect can create a hotel like this, with 78 rooms. Very elegance and beautiful
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Most Frightening Food from Asia

If we like traveling around the world. We must know kind of the special food from that country. Especially if you go to Asia. Have you ever try this food"The Most Frightening Food from Asia". Some food is considered as a unique food (even unsavory for some people). Maybe this food that can make you nauseous. This is not "FEAR FACTOR" show, but real food that serve to consumer. I'll mention above.

Fried Worm
This food can be found in Indonesia. This worm is from flyblow red coconut. Or from Sago plant, it called sago worm. The worm was fried after it cleaned. It so crunchy out side, but soft inside.

Fried Spider
We can find this food in Cambodia. Cambodia is the capital of insect eater.In Sukuon the small city, it called Spiderville. In the city, along streets filled with women who carry a tray full of big spider Skuon. It taste crunchy like a crab, but it still scary with the palm size.

Fried Mouse
This is not a mouse like in our house , but it is forest mouse.This food is cooked with various spices, especially in Vietnam and Thailand. According the doctor, mouse dangerous to be eaten if not cook well. It can cause diarrhea or another disease.

Fried grasshopper
We can find this food in Yogya, Bantul, Sleman. Those area is in Indonesia.This is a kind of wood grasshopper, which are found in summer. The people there looking this grasshopper in dry season, and sold as snack.
It become our choice, what food do we like. We have to travel in those country to try the frightening food.

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