Friday, May 29, 2009

Death By Chocolate (DBC) & Spagheti

If you come to Indonesia, precisely in Bogor, West Java.Don't forget to visit at this restaurant. Scary name with delicious food and drink. The first time we think that we will die after eating chocolate. This is just only name.This restaurant is very comfortable place to eat. Located in the middle of Bogor exactly at Ceremai road. It is an old house that looks like the home in the Netherlands era. The wall is dominated by brown and beige black color. The seats are also used black color and the table used brown color. It seems that the restaurant want to show the scary impression of visitors. On the back there is a small garden where we can see beautiful scenery and feel the blowing wind.The scary concept of restaurant.Especially when we visited in the night. Because the dark room with little candle. Suddenly came the waitress with the black rob.
For the menu do not doubt, because it is very delicious.

Kind of menu we found there, like Spinach Fritata Tomato, Ground Beef, Mushroom Chicken, Tuna, Smoked Chicken, Sausage and Seafood. While available as a complementary soup ravioli, red kidney beans, sausage, salad, and omelet. Spaghetti is also offered in a variety of sauce such as carbonara, Bolognese, marinara, octopus, and spicy.

The benefits of Death By Chocolate (DBC) & Spagheti:
- Nice cake like a cemetry
- Roasted spaghetti, the menu of food that have not been there in Bogor.
- Use fresh ingredients, without preservative substances.
- The existence of a space sensation.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bread Story, Chapter Two

Europe Bread
Europe people uses bread as a daily food . Can also be presented to the special event.In the city, the bread does not have rich taste because basically they use only wheat flour. Different from the bread that comes from the village, they use natural materials from their respective. In Germany more. using wheat flour is known by the name "Lanbrot", mixed with rye. For parties they make special bread it called "Partybrot". Portugal people mix corn in their bread it called broa. Hungary is different, potato is everywhere.

American Bread
People who live in the southern United States bring their tradition to toast the bread from their area. Without using the technology from Europe which has been since mid-century.In terms of form, American bread has varies more such as "Parker House Rolls bread" wave. Originally created by Parker house Hotel at Boston,in the ea. Has a Shaped like arly 19th century. One more bread, which is the U.S. favorite breakfast food is "Cinnamon Raisin Bread". Enrich by milk and raisins inside. Baked with cinnamon and butter mixture.

Middle East Countries Bread
Bread has important role in Middle Eastern Countries. Not only eating as main course but also for the snack. The most common form is round and flat. In the middle filled with vegetables, or meat. Lebanon, Syria and turkey people using a large traditional toaster . Meanwhile, Iran and Persia and use a variety of topping such as cheese, and fresh spices. and presented at the breakfast.

Indonesian Bread

Actually bread is not so important for Indonesia people, because they usually eating rice or corn. But there is a special bread that has unique characteristic it called "Bread crocodile". Usually eaten at the wedding ceremony . As true love symbol. Almost one meter long .

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bread Story, Chapter One

bread not only as a main food only. Several centuries ago, in French, bread symbolizing social status. Such as Baquete bread with a long white and can only be purchased by the nobleman. Pain de Campagne Bread is bread to the middle, such as farmers. Courobe bread with the hole in the middle. it designed by baker. For now the bread is spread across the world.Different countries also different the type of those bread.

Italian bread
For Italian people it's not complete if the bread not available on the table. Which is a unique from Renaissance until now have not changed. Southern Italian bread known as Stromboli, contains mozarella cheese, spices and vegetables. For breakfast southern Italian people is usually normal use bread Panmarino, enriched with olive oil and eggs, mixed with raisins and added fresh Rosemary.The people in the Tuscany make Schiccata Con Uva bread is very delicious bread mixed with wine and raisins

England bread
When viewed at a glance, the form of England bread is a bit hard and impossible to be chewed. But once bitten, feel soft in the mouth. Seen from the history, fresh white bread only presented to the countess. A baker made two types of bread, the brown and white. To determine the social class.A material that should not leave if you want to make England bread or more familiar as a of Victorian Milk Bread is wheat flour and milk. Because of it this bread is white.United Kingdom family always presents Granary Loaf Pan. Mix of wheat flour and rye, also used the mixed of yeast rice.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Legian Village Hotel, Cheap Hotel in Bali

Legian Village Hotel, one of the cheap hotels in Kuta, Bali. International standard Hotels, comfortable and have complete facilities.If you are looking for cheap hotels in Kuta, there is no one to book a room at the hotel Legian Village. The hotel is very comfortable and also quite cheap,

Legian Village Hotel is located in the road Yudistira Kuta Bali, one of the strategically located in the Kuta area where there are many hotels and other tourism supporting facilities, such as restaurant, bar, art shop, and others. Located quite close to the Legian Beach (only a few minutes walk), make this hotel a suitable choice to spend a holiday in Bali. In addition, Legian Village hotel also offers a relatively cheap price of the facilities and services in a very satisfactory.

Hotel Facilities
Equipped with a swimming pool, restaurant, spa room, internet corner, parking area and the page that can be wide enough to accommodate many vehicles. So booking hotels in Legian Village, and enjoy all the facilities you have during the holiday in Bali.

room type
Superior : USD 30++
Deluxe : USD 35++
Bungalow : USD 45++
Extra Bed : USD 15++
Room rates based on per room per night and includes welcome drink, breakfast for 2 people, and 21% government tax and service.
you are interested, If you go to Bali. Don't forget to stay at this Hotel.

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