Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Largest Clock at Mecca

As we know Mecca is the most important city in Saudi Arabia, the country in the Middle East. Right now, Mecca has a new tourism attraction that is the largest clock. This clock has a record as the largest clock in the world. The city of Mecca is known as the holy city for Muslim people. I believe with this clock there are million people will come to Mecca. This clock was putted in the the second highest skyscraper in the Khalifa after the Burj Dubai which has a height 600 meters and it has a circle diameter around 40 meters. This beat the clock in Cevahir Mall, Istanbul which is only 36 meters.
With four faced this clock is bigger than a similar clock at London's Big Ben tower.

In the future this clock will become the icon of Saudi Arabia. It could be seen from the far place of more than 25 kilometers. A big project with the cost around $ 800 million, this clock was designed by German engineers and Swiss. So far, only one of four clock faces that have been completed and closed with a 98 million pieces of mosaic glass. Each face will be inscribed with 'God's biggest' in Arabic and is equipped with thousands of colored lights. Wow...I thought this clock will become the most interesting object in Saudi Arabia. Just wait until the project finished. So, start saving until now.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Enjoy Romance on Restaurant

Are you romantic person? Sometimes you need romantic situation with your partner. Restaurant is the best place to say that we love to someone. Candle light dinner also good to held in restaurant. A restaurant is a great place for dating. If you make a decision that restaurant is the best place for dating and show our love to our partner. I hope you follow some tips below:
  • Imagine the far place from the big city which contain noisy. So it not disturbs your mood with your partner. Family restaurant is too crowded, so we have to avoid this place. Because it can cause damage to both your mood.
  • Find the restaurant which you can't find friend over there. At least the restaurant that you have never visited. This will give a different feeling. In the new atmosphere that guarantee to encourage you to feel alive again.

  • A restaurant service also plays a role in the success of your date. Just avoid a restaurant that has a long service and lack of privacy. So you don't disappointed later.
  • Pick a restaurant that matches with your budget. Do not be so forced yourself to choose a restaurant that is too expensive, because of expensive is not everything. Love it important thing, right. And you have kept a good mood.
  • Make sure that the food offered by restaurants match with your taste. Before you go to the restaurant, make sure you know the favorite food and drink over there. So it raise your appetite with your partner.
What are you waiting? I hope this become good idea for us. You can do this while you traveling. I think in some place or some country we can find romantic restaurant. That's become good option during travel with your partner of course.
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Saving the Budget During the Holiday

Holiday is coming. Do you have a plan to travel during the holiday. I know it need a lot of budget. Start the budget for travel, lodging, accommodation and many more. We have to prepare anything before traveling to reduce all the cost. Like:
  • Travel cost. If we want to use public transportation like plane. book a ticket from a far-distant days will be very useful. Because nowadays a lot of transportation service providers which provide promo price for departures on two months.
  • Time. If want to cut the budget, better doing trip at night. Usually the cost of travel is cheap at night.
  • Avoid Weekend. The cost for travel on weekend usually expensive. To cut the cost, better to avoid "peak season". Peak season usually occurs during the school holidays or year end holidays. Usually falls in the months from June to July and November to December.
  • Lodging cost. Hotel reservation with down payment from the far-distant day can cut the cost of the holiday. Normally new lodging rooms raise or villa rental costs when the demand starts to increase. If you have family or friends at your destination place on holiday. So we can stay for a while or stay one night with permission first at their house. Moreover, the existence of family or friends give us opportunity for travel recommendation.
  • Holiday Package. If we ave plan to travel with family, try to find a vacation package because it can cut the cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses while on vacation. Also you do not have to bother to look for accommodation or looking for places for vacation packages because it usually complete
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