Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Largest Clock at Mecca

As we know Mecca is the most important city in Saudi Arabia, the country in the Middle East. Right now, Mecca has a new tourism attraction that is the largest clock. This clock has a record as the largest clock in the world. The city of Mecca is known as the holy city for Muslim people. I believe with this clock there are million people will come to Mecca. This clock was putted in the the second highest skyscraper in the Khalifa after the Burj Dubai which has a height 600 meters and it has a circle diameter around 40 meters. This beat the clock in Cevahir Mall, Istanbul which is only 36 meters.
With four faced this clock is bigger than a similar clock at London's Big Ben tower.

In the future this clock will become the icon of Saudi Arabia. It could be seen from the far place of more than 25 kilometers. A big project with the cost around $ 800 million, this clock was designed by German engineers and Swiss. So far, only one of four clock faces that have been completed and closed with a 98 million pieces of mosaic glass. Each face will be inscribed with 'God's biggest' in Arabic and is equipped with thousands of colored lights. Wow...I thought this clock will become the most interesting object in Saudi Arabia. Just wait until the project finished. So, start saving until now.
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