Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chocolate Museum of The World

Are you chocolate lovers? or chocolate addicted? Maybe this is the best place for us who like chocolate very much. This is not kind of restaurant or shop, but this is a museum. Maybe we get bored to visit another museum. How if we go to chocolate museum, we can taste the chocolate after looking around the museum. I will explain about the chocolate museum while we are traveling.This is the interesting place to visit.

Lindt Chocolate Museum
This museum is located on Cologne , Germany. Actually this is an active chocolate factory. We can taste various chocolate in this place. We are as a professional chocolate taster here. We can taste the chocolate before it sell out. Imagine we taste our favorite chocolate beside the Rhine river.

Cadbury Chocolate Museum
This museum is located on Birmingham, England. Cadbury is my favorite chocolate brand. In this museum we back to the old story and tell about how the AZTEC tribe found the chocolate. We can met John Cadbury as the Cadbury's founders. Inside the factory we can play with the chocolate, we can write our name in the chocolate for souvenir. It sound interesting.

Hershey's Chocolate World
This museum is located on Hershey city, Pennsylvania. Hershey is the famous chocolate brand in USA. We can find all about chocolate and we can learn about how to make great chocolate.

Alprose Schoko
This museum is located on Lugano-Caslano, Switzerland. For traveler, Switzerland is the best place for traveling. While on traveling we can visit this museum. On Alprose Schoko we can study how to process the delicious chocolate,how to packing the chocoloate. We can tasted also. This is the heaven for chocolate lovers.


  1. I am considered very strange because, unlike most, I do not like chocolate! However, I would still do the tour, I do love learning about anything new, especially from another culture.

  2. Hi there. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. You are welcome by anytime.
    I like the theme for your site. Do you actually travel to al lthese different places or research them online? I think it would be fun to tour a chocolate factory. There is noe here in town but I have never take nthe time to set up a touring appointment. I really should.
    Have a blessed day today.

  3. Hi. I can most assuredly do the chocolate factory but I think if I travel with you to Cambodia I will bring a PB&J sandwich. Let's do Thailand, I love their food.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog recently and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is very interesting. I will be back to visit again.

  5. Hi Easy Traveller! I've been to "Canada's Chocolate Town" which is St-Stephen's, New Brunswick. The Ganong Chocolate Museum is small but packed with history, and my favourite, samples!!

  6. I appreciate your comment on my blog. I do not blog as often as I should. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures.

  7. I've been there five times or more (: I like it very much specially the chocolate well

  8. A chocolate museum! I'm adding this to the list of places we have to visit

  9. I love chocolate! These places sound like heaven to me!

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  11. I always enjoy a walk around the museum, all the historical value makes me feed my knowledge and i feel that i grow up like a person. I like to try what i want to prove. this is when i buy viagra for my husband. whenever i have a doubt, i mus to satisfy my curiosity.



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