Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Most Expensive Dessert in The World

If you travel around the world.You'll not forget to taste some original food.After this, we certainly try dessert. Dessert food that is usually sweet.if you sweety food fans,tried various sweet unique food and the most expensive dessert in the world.The expensive dessert will serve only for those of you that have overlapping contents bank account.If you have enough money, why not try?

1. Platinum Cake
This cake not many produced, but the cake worth $100.000, you will not miss the beautiful colors shimmer. Cake is made by Nobue Ikara, a famous Pastry chef from Japan, as the top woman. Cake that is dedicated to famous women such as Japan and Rinko Kikuchi Chie Kumazawa this are expected to encourage women to want to use the jewelry from Platinum

2. Frrozen Haute Chocolate
This food is Sundae category (ice cream mix) ,with rates reaching $1ooo per share.
Haute Chocolate Frrozen worth $25.000.this is the result of cooperation between the Serendipity 3, and a jewelry expert, Euphoria New York. Sundae is a mixture of 28 kinds of chocolate, and 14 of them are brown, and these most exotic in the world.
Sundae also contains 5 grams of gold that can be eaten and also have a gold bracelet with diamonds in the glass base. In fact, this Sundae eaten with a gold spoon, and a few grains of white and brown diamonds, which you can save

3. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence
Food that is made one of the hotels in Sri Lanka is worth $15.000. This food has become the second most expensive food in the world. This food is also delicious and not less interesting than the usual food. It consists of cassata gold leaf, and the mango and pomegranate compote. this food will be normal if it does not appear with chocolate fisherman decorations sculpture and 80 carat aquamarine stone


  1. Really? Aw, that's SO expensive.
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  2. this is a clear thing , taste of food comes from originality you cant serve artificiality in food either , most of things are good to mention if taste is good
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