Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make good Scenery Picture

What was wrong? Nature scenery was very beautiful but the result of the photograph was very disappointing. Don't also blamed the camera. Sophisticated camera equipment still could not become the guarantee someone could make the good photograph.
Natural tendency-especially in the beautiful natural scenery, is to use wide lenses and the random play as much as possible of the subject. the beauty of the place that will affect the image produced. Usually it does not work either. Although the ability of the lens to capture the width of the the wide is a blessing, it is often better to use the tele lens (far) to isolate the interesting parts of a scene. In the two cases (the use of wide lens or tele), you must find to organize or present images as possible with the landscape include the things that are not necessary.

Try to think about the landscape like an image that has a short story of (foreground / background front), the middle (middle ground / background center), and the end of the (background / background). On a spectacular field of agriculture, for example, you can use the old train as foreground, the way land intricate as middle ground, a warehouse and a red light as the backgroud. A farmer who is lead horse can be a main character or the subject of your photo. (Remove the number of chickens around if you take a subject complement.) Very few natural look neatly organized on the first view, then your main task is to find a place that benefits can translate or convey it to the images that attract your eye on the scene it.


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