Saturday, February 14, 2009

Netherlands Cheese Is Very Tasty

Travelling to the Netherlands is not complete if you do not enjoy cheese. Netherlands is one of the country's famous cheese producer in the world.
In the Netherlands it is a hill, let alone mountains. That there is a flat plain with grass-grass that turn. Perhaps because that landscape the flat course, the most common business is keeping livestock, such like cattle and sheep.from livestock that is the milk, cheese made. Many small cities in the Netherlands that we can visit to see the process of making cheese. We can visit Edam, this area he was the rather famous in the Netherlands on cheese business.

a. In the Netherlands there are many different cheese based on the recipe and how to make it. Is the famous Goudse (Gouda cheese), Edammer (Edam), Leidse(cheese Leiden), Friesche(cheese Friesland).

b. If you read any posts Edam, that means the cheese is made with the techniques and recipes are originally from Edam. Cheese is not made in Edam. Can also be made in Amsterdam or elsewhere. Similarly, if you read any posts Goudse kaas, cheese does not mean this should be made in Gouda cheese, but using recipes and techniques of making the origin of the city Gouda.

c. differences Edam and Gouda cheese, Edam is that of the ball but if more of Gouda cheese, thin but large (although the weight to 12 kilograms.
d. Edam is usually less salty or less than the salted Gouda cheese. Overtly normal for us compared to Edam Gouda cheese.

e. In kassboer (seller cheese), and supermarkets in the Netherlands we could find any posts with cheese, for example, 20 +, 30 +, 40 + and 48 +. This indicates the actual fat. If you find any posts for example: Goudse kaas 48 + means the womb is Gouda cheese fat more than 48%. Because the current diet, then I am usually a womb fat cheese that 10% or a maximum of 20%.

h. Age cheese usually also affect price. The young age of an animal, usually the cheaper price, while the elderly are usually more expensive. This is because to make the cheese, old age requires "maturation" or longer in storage.

hopefully increase our insight about cheese


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