Monday, February 2, 2009

Travel Tips With The Child

When going out the holiday with the family was very pleasant. Moreover if you have wife or husband and the child definitely. However the important is to maintain the safety and your child's comfortly ,fun and enjoy this to realize my idea?

in the plane
- Make sure that the seatbelt your child continued to be installed and should not let he playing in any way during in the aircraft. Bring the toy, the book, or his favorite music so he felt at home in the seat.
- Make sure this plane give the maximum service to children's passengers, from emergency equipment for the child, like food as well as peppermints that were good especially the child.
- Should seated your child near the window not near the path. The child usually liked saw the cloud or scenery from the window of the aircraft. If the child in the path, they will be disturbed with other and risky passengers.
- When the children want going to the bathroom, accompanied him, should not let the stewardess accompanied him although they are friendly.

In the hotel
• First that must be done when entering the room of the hotel, you must check comprehensively whether having the object that could endanger the child on the floor, the bathroom, or whatever. Check the window, the door, and the key from the door.
• If you have small kid, immediately pacified objects like the ashtray, the manufacturer of coffee, the hair-dryer, and the other object that were easy to be covered but to be dangerous for the child.
• Make sure the floor or his carpet was clean. The bed and the bathroom also confirmed in the situation just was cleaned correctly.
• Should not let your child played with the telephone.
• Should not let your child opened the door if having cream service or who. Let the adult who overcame the guest who came to your room.

other suggestion:
• bring complete first aid for your child. like vitamins, first aid band.
• bring your child's toy that most he liked during the trip
• find the information place that will be visited through the book, the internet or information from the friend.


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