Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great wall the Chinese greatness

China was one of the biggest countries in the world. because so wide, so as to be not enough very much the trip to look around. moreover with many uniqueness that were owned like beautiful nature scenery.
The Chinese uniqueness already was felt during you step on foot in beijing. entered this city, you will be amazed with so neat town planning and neatly. as the capital of the country, Beijing was the biggest city in China, his air was cool and clean. this was looked by the number of trees that surounded the city. one of the amazing place in beijing is the great wall. The great wall was one of the world miracles.
The wall of the giant who crossed six provinces, was built to hinder the nation attack mongol and manchuria. long the building was 6400 kilo meter. in a wide manner dibagian upper 5 metre and the underside 8 meter. every time 180 until 270 metre was made the reconnaissance tower high 11 until 12 metre.

This wall was the only building that was seen by astronout from bulan. moreover this building also became the symbol of the greatness and the Chinese determination to maintain himself from the influence luar. during 1987, this building was put in the list of the site of the UNESCO world inheritance.
The glory and the greatness of the wall of this giant became means of attracting the tourists that visited cina. this place was year round visited by millions of tourists that want to saw from close to the longest building that had been made by human. went all along this wall to the not forgotten experience.


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