Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on shopped in shenzhen-CHINA

Shenzhen is a city that was located around 147 km from the Guangzhou. city the Guangdong province ,could be followed around 2 hours from street. This city grew apart from as the business city also as us tourism city. Shenzhen was the modern symbol of china, because now more open .This city full of the spirit and energetic.
Shenzhen was known as heaven for anuone who like shopping. As the biggest shopping centre that was located on the heart of the city offered various sorts fashion trade-marked and trapped that his price was quiet cheap . In this shopping centre for clothes, bag, souvenir, shoes and electronics things. Many famous souvenir as the china typical was here.

Shenzhen is the interesting place with full of entertainment and became the mainstay to get the tourist. Like the place of China Folk Culture Vullages entertainment that was developed in 1989 widely 22 ha. Here you could see the settlement and the life 22 minority ethnic groups in china. In the theatre you can see the intensity of the minority ethnic group rode the horse by all attraction. You should not forget to visit to "Window of The World" where we could see the miniature of the temple, the building and the statue that became the symbol of this country.
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