Friday, January 2, 2009

Internet Vendor Chapter Three

Your first step was registered as a seller. Followed the step by step at the time of the registration through ebay. Then you must register if not yet having the account to accept payment from the transaction.
The important matter in selling the product ebay was to put forward the product in the short distance or close with the high quality picture. For the maximal results with the digital camera with the high resolution . You dodn't need scanner to put forward results of the photograph of your product in the internet.

For trial of the photograph a product anything itu. Put forward in the page ebay auction test to see as good results of your photograph . The key in this business was you must get at least 29 positive comments from the visitor or the buyer in the site . If you often received the negative comment then your position would not good. Because the prospective buyer also saw the comments.
But don't worry even more visitors then big the sale that could reach. With the number of products that was put forward every time in a month. Ebay is the main aim surfer to get the product online. You better offer your product with the cheap price so that the visitor gives the good comment. If the price of bargaining was too expensive made the person only through then.
The other important matter was the product could not be gotten easily, the strange product, unique and antique. In fact you easily found things like this during travelling. Opene the eyes and ears when travelling. You might not be waiting to arrive home to offer that product. During on the trip we could produce money. Checked at least one week to see the bargaining entry . it's easy and simple business. Take action now!


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