Saturday, February 14, 2009

Enjoyed The Exotic of Kazakhstan

How apparently became the biggest country to nine in the world? Certainly became the special blessing for Kazakhstan. Yes, owing to the width that reached 2.727.300 square kilometer, the country that was located in Middle East and Europe have beauty nature. From the plain, the wide meadow, taigas, the rocky chasm, the hill, the delta, mountains were snow-covered to the desert.

This was offered by Kazakhstan for tourists who like nature and the adventure. Mentioned National Garden Almantinsky that was located in the Talgar mountain or fresh him the Lake Col-Say that crossed the Kungey Alatau forest. Not only beauty of nature only that was offered by this Soviet Union fragment country. Old buildings were historic until the typical delicious Kazakh meal ought to be tried. With the mainstay menus was made from horse meat.

Several cities that could be stopped over in in Kazakhstan among them Almaty, Astana, and Taraz. Respectively the city had the different uniqueness. In Almaty for example. As the cosmopolitan city, here was encountered many restaurant, shop, hotel as far as the casino. The biggest city in Kazakhstan offer city gardens and the public's space that really adequate. Increased by picturesque scenery from the Zailijski Alatau Mountain that stretched like the wall at the south of Almaty.
But we must be on the alert when going for a walk in Kazakhtan. As you know, the level of criminality in this country began to be moving high. However, this will not obstruct explored exotism of the bordering country direct with Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and this Tiongkok

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  1. Kazakhstan is now become one of the biggest region in Europe. It is very rich in natural beauty and greenery. It will become famous tourists destination in near future.

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