Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tips the Free Thing Expenses the Tax

Don't was easy tempted with the free thing claim the tax in the international airport. You must be thorough and knew newest information to be able to could the maximal profit.WHAT that usually is done by you in the international airport? Just honest, not many that could be done apart from washing the eyes in shops (duty free) available, and from time to time you were possibly tempted then spent money from the wallet to buy something. Most of the we knew definitely what was needed by us, could aftershave, perfume, a bottle of the drink or possibly cigarettes. However, where the place was best for bought things like that?

Most people who travel with international flights generally have three options when buying goods tax free. At the departure terminal, in a plane, or in the arrival terminal. The logical, thinking person and the price certainly does not make the same comparison, but the big one.

Sometimes for the same size, brand and type, the price can be very different. So, you need to make a calculation before removing the money. Does not believe? Try to do the survey, only small when you travel.

The following results asiatravel.com watching some time ago, a special flight path to Hong Kong to Bangkok. Mild Seven cigarettes at a price 12 aircraft in the U.S. dollar, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is valued 120 cigarettes Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to 14.8 U.S. dollars, and at the Bangkok International Airport (Bia) costs 480 bath Thailand or around 12 , 2 U.S. dollars. By buying direct flight time (in plane), you save 2 U.S. dollars per pack of 200 content. For valuables such as cheap cigarette price differences are small but still be eligible.

But you need to remember that the stock of goods in the aircraft is limited. If the aircraft does not have a stock of goods that you expect, you have no choice except to buy time until the arrival terminal. Also note that the prices change every time, so make sure you have adequate information so that you can save your money!


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