Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phuket , The Beautiful Island

You definitely knew Phuket. Although not visiting there. at least once, most have never heard it.phuket is an island tour in thailand overlooking the Andaman sea.This island-resort with a famous resort with a beautiful beach.Beauty of the Phuket nature panorama could be equated with balinese. Not surprising if the Time magazine in 2006 as a place to put Phuket fovorite is the most visited after balinese.
for a perfect holiday, Phuket offers a complete selection. marine that looks like stone. beach with white sand like crystals, will provide calmness, freshness and new rilexsation. you can swim, snorkeling, rock climbing or beach.

in order to travel you really effective and satisfactory. you need to know the places you need to visit in the island. following several locations in Phuket.

This is a very popular beach, is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing and parsailing. nightlife and shopping place is also a favorite.

Kata Beach
Two lines of the beach is perfect, and enjoy the style of Thai massage by the beach. The surfer come to the word during the month of June to November to conquer the wave

Phi Phi Island
This island became the location of the making of the film The Beach (Leonardo Di Caprio). You can see the Viking Cave, with paintings on ancient walls.

Phang Nga Bay
One of the miracle of the world, with a unique formation of rocks.You can also see the Bat Cave, or to James Bond Island (the location where the film The Man With The Golden Gun)

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  1. Phuket has become famous tourist spot in Thailand in last decade. Every year thousands of foreign tourist visit this place to enjoy natural beauty of this place.

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