Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bread Story, Chapter One

bread not only as a main food only. Several centuries ago, in French, bread symbolizing social status. Such as Baquete bread with a long white and can only be purchased by the nobleman. Pain de Campagne Bread is bread to the middle, such as farmers. Courobe bread with the hole in the middle. it designed by baker. For now the bread is spread across the world.Different countries also different the type of those bread.

Italian bread
For Italian people it's not complete if the bread not available on the table. Which is a unique from Renaissance until now have not changed. Southern Italian bread known as Stromboli, contains mozarella cheese, spices and vegetables. For breakfast southern Italian people is usually normal use bread Panmarino, enriched with olive oil and eggs, mixed with raisins and added fresh Rosemary.The people in the Tuscany make Schiccata Con Uva bread is very delicious bread mixed with wine and raisins

England bread
When viewed at a glance, the form of England bread is a bit hard and impossible to be chewed. But once bitten, feel soft in the mouth. Seen from the history, fresh white bread only presented to the countess. A baker made two types of bread, the brown and white. To determine the social class.A material that should not leave if you want to make England bread or more familiar as a of Victorian Milk Bread is wheat flour and milk. Because of it this bread is white.United Kingdom family always presents Granary Loaf Pan. Mix of wheat flour and rye, also used the mixed of yeast rice.


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  2. I love Italian bread I sometimes bake Italian bread.

    Tess (life is beautiful)

  3. Personally, I'm a big fan of French baguettes. I wish we had more bakeries in the US.

  4. That italian bread looks so delicious!

    (Blog answer) Thanks for the comment ;) No prob!



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