Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bread Story, Chapter Two

Europe Bread
Europe people uses bread as a daily food . Can also be presented to the special event.In the city, the bread does not have rich taste because basically they use only wheat flour. Different from the bread that comes from the village, they use natural materials from their respective. In Germany more. using wheat flour is known by the name "Lanbrot", mixed with rye. For parties they make special bread it called "Partybrot". Portugal people mix corn in their bread it called broa. Hungary is different, potato is everywhere.

American Bread
People who live in the southern United States bring their tradition to toast the bread from their area. Without using the technology from Europe which has been since mid-century.In terms of form, American bread has varies more such as "Parker House Rolls bread" wave. Originally created by Parker house Hotel at Boston,in the ea. Has a Shaped like arly 19th century. One more bread, which is the U.S. favorite breakfast food is "Cinnamon Raisin Bread". Enrich by milk and raisins inside. Baked with cinnamon and butter mixture.

Middle East Countries Bread
Bread has important role in Middle Eastern Countries. Not only eating as main course but also for the snack. The most common form is round and flat. In the middle filled with vegetables, or meat. Lebanon, Syria and turkey people using a large traditional toaster . Meanwhile, Iran and Persia and use a variety of topping such as cheese, and fresh spices. and presented at the breakfast.

Indonesian Bread

Actually bread is not so important for Indonesia people, because they usually eating rice or corn. But there is a special bread that has unique characteristic it called "Bread crocodile". Usually eaten at the wedding ceremony . As true love symbol. Almost one meter long .


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  3. That looks like a finish style coffee bread that I learned to make years ago from my at the time Finnish Mother-in-law....Very tasty indeed:)

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