Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great wall the Chinese greatness

China was one of the biggest countries in the world. because so wide, so as to be not enough very much the trip to look around. moreover with many uniqueness that were owned like beautiful nature scenery.
The Chinese uniqueness already was felt during you step on foot in beijing. entered this city, you will be amazed with so neat town planning and neatly. as the capital of the country, Beijing was the biggest city in China, his air was cool and clean. this was looked by the number of trees that surounded the city. one of the amazing place in beijing is the great wall. The great wall was one of the world miracles.
The wall of the giant who crossed six provinces, was built to hinder the nation attack mongol and manchuria. long the building was 6400 kilo meter. in a wide manner dibagian upper 5 metre and the underside 8 meter. every time 180 until 270 metre was made the reconnaissance tower high 11 until 12 metre.

This wall was the only building that was seen by astronout from bulan. moreover this building also became the symbol of the greatness and the Chinese determination to maintain himself from the influence luar. during 1987, this building was put in the list of the site of the UNESCO world inheritance.
The glory and the greatness of the wall of this giant became means of attracting the tourists that visited cina. this place was year round visited by millions of tourists that want to saw from close to the longest building that had been made by human. went all along this wall to the not forgotten experience.
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Important During Holiday On The Beach

Holiday at the beach certainly really enjoyable. We could doing our swimming hobby or just only take a walk enjoyed the beach atmosphere . If on the end of this week you intended to go to the beach, don't forget to bring things. So we can enjoy this holiday comfortably.

Be aware with the affected of the sun ray. Our skin is most protected by the sun rays should not forget bring the sunblock, the body perfume, lip balm, soap but also shampoo.

Reading material books like the magazine, cd player and mp3 player plus earphone was good things to bring during the holiday. We could enjoy the atmosphere of the coast while lazing around.

Bring provisions food. the drink, or enough snack.Because if the beach that was visited is natural beach certainly we can't found the seller of food and the drink over there. Moreover with the hot weather will not make you dehydration.

Finally, don't forget to bring swimming clothes, the hat, sunglasses,the towel and the beach bag. bring also snorkeling equipment to avoid if the service of the rent service which not give snorkeling equipment to be hired out.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


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Bali was one of the most interesting tourist attractions available in Indonesia.
Bali Island has 8 (eight) Regencies which provides spectacular cultures and natures to look at.Therefore, it has been our pleasure for taking you to the journey of those wonderful places.Many tourist attractions that could be visited by us, like
White water rafting : Ayung river at ubud, Ubud : Artist painting, Celuk : Gold and Silver smith, Tohpati : Hand batik factory, Uluwatu temple : Monkey forest, temple on the hill, kecak and fire dance, with beautiful sunset Jimbaran bay restaurant : A rest with live and fresh grilled seafood on the beach

Have you ever feel walking at the bottom of the ocean and wondering what goes on in there. Now........ you can do it,Y can walk right throughthebottom of the ocean and witness the sea life of all kind,With our unique diving system, we will escort you to dive downdeep.

For someone who like adventure, Bali is the best place for adventure, like
The true balinese experince and Don't leave bali before visiting us.Like White water Rafting, Elephant safari, Horse riding, Trekking, Cycling,Kayaking

For relax we can use many facilities here, like
Toya spa is one kind of body treatment that combine waterwith traditional treatment.the balinese architectural style in the spa villas,combined with the countryside atmosphere with luxury facilities like pools, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, feelings,beauty and relaxation.

For romantic couple, Don't forget to enjoy the unforgettable sunset with dinner on the beach at jimbaran, the beautiful beach, near from air port, nusa dua and kuta area.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come on shopped in shenzhen-CHINA

Shenzhen is a city that was located around 147 km from the Guangzhou. city the Guangdong province ,could be followed around 2 hours from street. This city grew apart from as the business city also as us tourism city. Shenzhen was the modern symbol of china, because now more open .This city full of the spirit and energetic.
Shenzhen was known as heaven for anuone who like shopping. As the biggest shopping centre that was located on the heart of the city offered various sorts fashion trade-marked and trapped that his price was quiet cheap . In this shopping centre for clothes, bag, souvenir, shoes and electronics things. Many famous souvenir as the china typical was here.

Shenzhen is the interesting place with full of entertainment and became the mainstay to get the tourist. Like the place of China Folk Culture Vullages entertainment that was developed in 1989 widely 22 ha. Here you could see the settlement and the life 22 minority ethnic groups in china. In the theatre you can see the intensity of the minority ethnic group rode the horse by all attraction. You should not forget to visit to "Window of The World" where we could see the miniature of the temple, the building and the statue that became the symbol of this country.
Have a nice visit !
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spent The Night In The Friend's House

That's what friend are for....This was the title of the song that was sung by Dionne Warwick. when you carried out the trip where in this place you had a friend, why don't you try to contact friend who offered stay for free.
The closest friend or friend who we meet by internet chat . As the original society certainly he knew the interesting place . Because that began to establish the friendship with people over the world. Using internet technology to find the friend all over the world.

Don't forget to maintain our attitude during in the friends place . Possibly our habit be different from their habbit. whereas, we lived in a big family . Take the communication well. Don't hurt their feelings , We are certainly not comfortable to live with them when they not accept us.
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Friday, January 2, 2009

Internet Vendor Chapter Three

Your first step was registered as a seller. Followed the step by step at the time of the registration through ebay. Then you must register if not yet having the account to accept payment from the transaction.
The important matter in selling the product ebay was to put forward the product in the short distance or close with the high quality picture. For the maximal results with the digital camera with the high resolution . You dodn't need scanner to put forward results of the photograph of your product in the internet.

For trial of the photograph a product anything itu. Put forward in the page ebay auction test to see as good results of your photograph . The key in this business was you must get at least 29 positive comments from the visitor or the buyer in the site . If you often received the negative comment then your position would not good. Because the prospective buyer also saw the comments.
But don't worry even more visitors then big the sale that could reach. With the number of products that was put forward every time in a month. Ebay is the main aim surfer to get the product online. You better offer your product with the cheap price so that the visitor gives the good comment. If the price of bargaining was too expensive made the person only through then.
The other important matter was the product could not be gotten easily, the strange product, unique and antique. In fact you easily found things like this during travelling. Opene the eyes and ears when travelling. You might not be waiting to arrive home to offer that product. During on the trip we could produce money. Checked at least one week to see the bargaining entry . it's easy and simple business. Take action now!

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