Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be Careful With the Situation Around You

I had seen in the television about the crime . Be careful with the situation around you. This incident was real.

The first case :
when a person ( he is a traveller) went to a cafe. When entering inside this cafe he was approached by someone that not he knew before. Instantly he is closely. He bought a drink. When in speaking, he asked permission to go for a moment or went to toilet. But he didn't came back. and he left several quite moderate bills.
To drain our pocket . this was the network of the mafia that lurked traveller. he made scenario. He followed us before we entered to cafe. In fact during us in the hotel.

the second case :

when someone went on a trip to the place or the country that not he knew before. when in the road he was acquainted with someone. He was so good. In fact like the friend.We gave anything that he want. We can called this as a hypnotic . We were hypnotised by words, applause on the back, in fact through the wink eyes. so as we followed what he said.

This incident did not happen in the cafe, the restaurant, or bar. but also could happen in hotel. could during breakfast. Enjoyed hotel facilities like gym, swimming pool, hotel longue.Don't be startled when several bills waited us. Therefore we must be caferul. I will write about another crime and how to overcome it in next posting


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