Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travelling cheap

If we are going on a trip definitely we were ready to spend our money. Then not rare many merchant who increased the price of his merchandise repeatedly . Their target are the tourists. Don't hesitate bargain up to 50%. Possibly from them that remained with the price, but don't surrender. Definitely we receive the cheap price.
The hotel or the restaurant that the location near the city, the price is more expensive than usual. Because you could not bargain that price. Definitely you must look for the hotel or the restaurant which it located far from the center of the city.

Washed clothes could spend an amount of money that we had. If using of the laundry service your certainly spent much money. Because usually it was counted from the number of clothes that wanted to be washed.
So the solution is , try to rent of the washing machine. Because usually the price that was offered is cheap enough.
Or if we wanted cheaper, we could wash him in wastafel. Try to get for kind cotton clothes . because it fast to dry.
You could use these tips or not. Because if you had much money certainly you were free to use facilities anything from hotel. In fact to choose service that you want. Or chosing the thing like souvenir, depended your finance. Choose the luxury item also the decision was on your hands.


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