Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The tip before getting a lift in the aircraft ( for the long-distance flight)

1. Try to get check-in two hours before the flight schedule . Show the aircraft ticket and pasport. confirmed with no mistake in the writing name.
2. If you buy the sharp object like scissors, the pocket knife, don't put it into the bag that carried to the passenger cabin.
3. For the trip try to get to drink and eat well. Drink the pure water to avoid dehidration. avoid drink something that contained caffeine, like tea and coffee and the alcoholic drink.
4. Because atmospheric pressure in the cabin, be careful with headache or sick in the ears. To overcome the headache . You could take medicine Regional Regulations for headache like aspirin. Try to get to sleep for a moment.For the feeling of being sick on ears, asked for cotton that was wetted alcohol to stewardess. Placed to cover the two holes of ears.There is other way that to try to chewing kind of gum or to eat and drink something.

5. Rest enough. try to get to sleep for the trip, especially for a long trip. to avoided jetlag
6. During the trip try doing a little sport exercise . To avoid blood clotting in legs. Look the instruction in the page inflight magazine that was provided by the airline
7. Look for the method of eliminating saturation by reading the book or magazine. should not too much serious. because of having the difference between comfort read on the plane and read in home. Or see the film or television through the monitor that was provided in the plane.

If we applied steps on us will feel comfortable during in the flight. moreover the long distance flight . we will not feel bored. try these method.


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