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A chain of 1190 little coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean that forms the archipelago of the Maldives in 80- 120 km wide, stretching 860 km from latitude 7° 6"N to 0° 41"S and lying between 72° 32" and 73° 45"E. Out of the 1190 islands, only 201 islands are inhabited. Almost 99% of the country being the ocean, it is one of the most unique nations in the world.
Despite it's geographical isolation, Maldives is easily accessible. Many airlines offer regular schedule and charter flights from Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa. Male' International Airport is located on an island of its own which is just over a kilometer long. The island is for the exclusive usage of the airport and is only 10 minutes from the capital by boat.
A tourist visa of thirty days will be granted on arrival to all visitors with valid travel documents, A confirmed hotel reservation is required for immigration clearance, visitors without hotel reservations should seek assistance at the airport tourist information counter right outside the arrival hall.

The islands of Maldives persuade tourists with promises of 'the last paradise on earth', and if your idea of paradise is white sand beaches with turquoise waters glistening, tropical gardens exploding in beautiful color and picture perfect sunsets igniting the sky, then the Maldives will never let you down. It's also a major destination for scuba divers, who come for the magnificent coral reefs and the wealth of marine life.
At present there are 87 resorts and a large number of cruise vessels that operate in the tourism industry. The number of tourist arrivals reached 429,700 in the year 2000 and is expected to grow by 8% during the year 2001. About 79% of tourists originated from Europe, mainly from Italy and Germany, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.
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