Friday, December 5, 2008

Tour Guide

To a tourist guide was one of the methods for free traveling. The tourist guide had the important role because of even more traveling tourists in groups to an area or the foreign country.This tourist guide is usually provided by the travel agent. Kind of facilities were given including the aircraft ticket for came back to home, accommodation in participants spent the night, eating facilities for the trip, and pocket money.
But as our tourist guide must have good knowledge about the tourism place. Because this job is give details explanation the tourist member from the background of the city or about the story, the conduct and the living habit of the local community, suggestion buying cheap souvenir even expensive souvenir for collection.
there are two jobs for this area . Tour Guide and Tour Director.
Tour Director had more tasks.
During the trip with the party's member, served the interests to member. Taking boarding pass the aircraft, the luggage regulation, the transport regulation, chek-in/out in the hotel destination , the distribution of the room for participants, until scheduling for trip.

The work in this field have patience in served, in fact accommodated all complained . Good ability in management . Have capacity to communicated well, and the ability to speak in other foreign language. Must update regional knowledge that will be visited

Work in this field was enough income. between 40 and 120 dollar in fact could until exceeded . Depending the duration and the level of the difficulty from the trip program. We can get nice tips from the member . The merchant usually give nice commission between 10 to 15 percent from the total sale.

At the same time we also to travel writer or travel photographer. May this escort be useful to anyone that want to work in the field . Theimportant thing is we can traveling around the world for free.


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