Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Abroad

For anyone who have a lot of money and had much spare time, some of them spend a lot of
the end of this year by visiting to several countries.
for people who are familiar, it may travel and holiday are enjoyable events . But for people who the first time on holiday abroad, many of the things they have not yet know. So, learn some tips for you who have plan traveling abroad.
1. Make sure you have a valid passport and visa, which has required.
2. Get consular Information Sheets in the countries you will visit
3. Find information about the law and culture in the countries you will visit, to avoid actions that violate the rules.
4. Create two copies of the identification page in your passport, this will be easier if your passport stolen or lost. Leave one copy at home and ask your friends or family to keep it.

5. Leave the hotel contact number or numbers that can be contacted while you are abroad for emergency things.
6. Do not leave your goods in places that are not safe, do not receive packages or objects from strangers.
7. To avoid criminal action, avoid using the colorful clothing or jewelry that expensive. Do not bring money in the amount of cash.
8. To prevent the deception or the violation of the law, exchanging money or your valuable items to the legal agency.

I hope these tips are useful for us before traveling abroad. so that we can enjoy safe and comfortable with the holiday.


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