Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Freelance Photographer

If we take a trip, we always bring documentation tool, that is camera. Traveling really always closely related with photography.
Because photo can speak up, remember memories of place we had been visited. Photography activity can be give much money. Even less if combine with article writing. Practice your ability in takes picture. To get better picture. Maximize your camera future. Study best picture taking corner.
To make good angle. usually price one photo that held between 5 until 20 dollar.depending quality of those picture.

Occasionally your photograph could be valuable very high. Moreover through to thousands of times . for example: during the tragedy incident 911, the terrorist's attack in the WTC building in New York City. It was sold through up to $100.000 .

To send results of the photograph, we might not be waiting come home. If we used the digital camera. We could at once send him through internet. By even more from internet cafe in the corner of the world in fact in the tourist place although. But if you were still using the camera with the negative film, certainly you must print it first. by using scanner facilities, the results of the photograph could be sent by us through the email.
Put on our eyes during travelling. possibly we had interesting object or special moment. that could be embroidered by us and was sold.


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