Sunday, November 2, 2008

the dream around the world

Visited the tourist attraction in various parts of the world was the pleasant experience.I often heard the story from friends who just came home from the tour trip with his family.About the Paris glory with the eifel tower.The beautiful in the Chinese wall until was seen from the month, Niagara Waterfall scenery in America. Sometimes they brought the present from the trip. From souvenir that we could know from where they visited. travelling around the world.........WHY NOT?
Let's dream if we became the rich person. Definitely we could bring about our dream.
Who knews we get lotere. but whether to go to the place that was so beautiful outside there, must be waiting rich. I have friend from England. He told me that sun not shine brightly all years. So the trip has been planned before. at least one yars. so, without becoming rich we could go on a trip overseas.


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