Monday, November 10, 2008

planned for the trip

Where our position now?If now we are the rich person, certainly would not be difficult. If want to carry out the trip anywhere.The money can talk anything. When someone play basket we feel happy. Than just only watched someone playing basket. How if we playing in reallity.
This plan must be managed before we go for the trip. Three important questions before carrying out the trip.Where do we want to go? When we begin the trip? and the last question is, How to carried out? the key of this question is: how do we brave to make decision. Just not waiting get the lottere. we could departed.

The first question: where do we want to go?
Open our eyes. and begin to record and see. You read this blog. certainly you are interested going on a trip or most was not attracted anything about travelling.Focussed to the place that you like. or the place in accordance with your hobby. If we want to see traditional culture we could go to Japan, china, or the Bali island . See the beautiful scenery we could go ke Australia, Netherlands. Want for shopping we can go to Paris or Singapore

The second question : when we begin the trip?
the answer is clearly.I will carry him out in one or two year. You must be obedient in date line that you make. One time you change the date line. Finally your intention decreased together with the time increase.Sometimes we had the barrier. Even to canceled it, anything that happened, don't change your decision.

The third question: How to carried out?
how about the cost? we can use our saving or we work harder.
how to communicate with people from that place? We could learn. the everyday expression language. We bring the dictionary, the simple way to know the word.
how to get the hotel to stay at night? we could see the information from the internet.
about location, the cost and the service from the hotel and many more question that we talk later


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