Friday, November 14, 2008

Equipment That was Needed Before Departing

If we have plan for traveling in 15 days. bring equipment just only for 15 days. Sometimes I see people who traveling get much suitcase, even a big suitcase."if you want to travel, travel light" just brought the important things . like:

  • Backpack or simple suitcase.This was not valid if we went with the family.
  • Money belt, a wallet that could be installed on the waist and was covered by clothes or trousers . Because it is thin and long, will not be seen from outside.The benefit of money belt to keep the valuable thing like the passport, the ticket, the credit card /ATM card, money or traveler's cheques.
  • Prepare one set of clothes like socks, trousers, underwear, the long-sleeved shirt( for cold air) and T-Shirt.
  • The personal things. Prepare contact lenses along with the drop liquid of the eyes and his silencer liquid, or sunglasses. prepare the comb, black sunglasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, the female bandage, and the razor.
  • Bring trip directory. If you did not gather in the travel agent. the trip directory needed for you . the map also really was needed to know the location of your destination.
This things was needed for someone who want to trip alone or backpackers even the people who get trip by travel agent. The things above was the common use.The other things will be explained soon in more details......just wait.


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