Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Determined the tourist places

I precisely see that one of the main factors in determining the favorite tourist places was very comfort: comfort in visited the tourist places, comfort in shopped, comfort in used the transport, or comfort to stay like the hotel.The great place like:

venice:In Venice light and water combine to create a restless magic. All borderlines are eradicated some where between dream and reality, present and past, the ethereal nature of this town has fascinated many famous people.The Torino Hotel is situated in the heart of Venice, near the luxurious boutiques of Calle XXII Marzo and just a one minute's walk from the spectacular St. Mark's Square.

Malaysia: The country in south asia, rich of the best tourism places. Like Petronas Tower surounded by five star Hotel, and many places for Shopping. Sometimes the goverment of Malaysia trough the ministry of tourism held more festival like: Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, Penang International Lantern Festival, Langkawi Mackarel Run, and this is for people who like shopping there are special Discount.
how about my country, there is the best place for traveller. BALI ISLAND....
the famous places for travelling. many interesting tourist places in Bali.
Bali offering complete comprehensive hotels, villas, accommodation,surf, Tour, adventures and Sightseeing.it's warm friendly people.
I'll talk about the best tourist place around the world with nice picture
in my next posting.Just wait....


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