Sunday, November 9, 2008

Three categories of the person who like travelling

The first category that was mentioned tourist. Usually they have much money. In carrying out their trip used travel agency in one tour group.In several days or several weeks. they used luxurious bus facilities, cruise ship, Sleep in the five-star hotel with food and drink facilities completely.And usually buy luxury things to complete their collection.

The second category that was mentioned traveler. usually they do not join the tour. they planned personally for their trip . usually they were thrifty and like to socialise with the local community.Traveler liked the freedom. The backpackers including in this category.

The third category was mentioned the adventurer. they were ready facing the challenge, although in the situation that was dangerous, to get the money, popularity and knowledge. maybe we can see " Indiana Jones" the movie. he like the " pure adventure" so much.

How about you?
In what category if you want take this traveling?


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