Monday, November 17, 2008

Language Factor And How Overcome It

Going to trip overseas is always identical to foreign language communication.The foreign language difficulty will not obstruct someone to go on a trip.

Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English origin linguist and person who like traveling around the world. Based on his experience of traveling around the world found the studying method the proven foreign language effective with the study period in general 30 days. The language generally only used 500 until 1000 the kind same words repeatedly. To study a foreign language, buy a book that had 1000 vocabularies or more. Or a book that contained simple expressions in the foreign language that was studied by you. I could suggested, try to learn one hour in day. Wrote the words in a sheet of paper. Studied words or the expression in an occurring manner. Study simple grammar. Bring this card anywhere you go. When we are in the bus, or waiting for the ticket , trapped by the impasse in the road . Enjoyed in study. you could buy the newspaper or the local magazine. Listened to the radio or watched television. Or study simple language .

If we usually use the english as communication . We might not worry, because in tourist place . English was the international language that often in use. We could communicate with the seller, the tour official or the people that was around the place that indeed understood with English.


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