Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another equipment list

Other equipment that can be prepared during the trip. look simple, but later can help us. this good also wanted in pressed moment.
- Flash light
- Simple foreign language dictionary
- Little pocket book. For place to write the essential things like telephone number, address, departure time-table.
- Reservist pen
- Camera, batere and film
If we use digital camera, don’t forget to bring batere reservist, and several memories card with high storage capacity. Be carefull in bring this camera, especially in crowded place. Because sensitive crime. Save well and use it all time wanted.Because of this camera, we can remember memories moment during the trip.
- Jacket, we could bring the waterproof jacket. Usually made from parachute.

- Adaptor international, we can use it in anywhere place.
- Individual medicine
- Multi purpose jack-knife, usually SWISS ARMY brand. For security reason. Is not admitted to bring harp thing into Passenger cabin. We must save it in bag that put at baggage before we flight.
- Several plastic pocket to separate dirty clothes with clean clothes.
That’s all you need if you want to travel light. if you stay at luxury hotels sure all available. Even sometimes you are busy to take
Little matters. Just order the bell boy. More to practice, chooses appropriate goods and last for our need. If you out from hotel,
Just choose that we need during the trip.


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