Thursday, November 13, 2008

Compiled The Work Program

We could make the work schedule to plan before the departure. we could make it with
list. The list may contain like:
1. Chose the kind of airline. Ask about the price, maybe we received the cheap price or in discount price.
2. Looked for information about the everyday life cost in the destination country.
3. Looked for information about the condition for the tourist visa, pasport and his cost
4. Looked for the map of the guidance of the trip from airport, the railway station, and don't forget about money changer location. Change our money if needed.
5.Looked for information about hotel, restaurant that near by the tourist place.
6. And the other option that we have to prepare it before. Like weather in destination place, the currency, you have to see about the currency at least one times in a week. Try to learn the simple conversation in the destination place. Find information about the cultured. Remember, different country have the different culture. We can considered about food and drink. We can called the culinary travel. We can find the various kind of food and drink from another country.

You had wrote this scedule carefully, maintenance day by day. if there another option you add in the list. this is not easy to do but you have to commitment to realised your plan." It is not a thing to be walked for, but it is a thing to be achieved. Think positively. this clasically problem for traveller is money. This is the main factor that could be happen. Don't forget to saving...saving..again saving, can solve the problem. I will tell you later about, we could get nice income from traveling in my next posting.


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