Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freelance Writer

We could combine our traveling hobby with freelance writer. We could send results of our article to various media like, magazine, trade journal, newspaper, website or newsletter.
The media publication that contained the article about tourism usually was given by the title. "Travel","vocation", "culture". we were not tied with another company . We could write anything that was encountered by us during travelling. Like, interesting incidents, the traditional ceremony, reorganised religion, the most foreign ethnic culture group.
Again better if being combined with the photograph of the place of the incident or beautiful place. because in writing we could explain details from that photograph. the profit moreover we could money from that photograph. two part that were not could read about freelance photographer.

If you able to write and had a good skill in writing, and indeed your hobby is writing. You could make a book about your trip. About happy and the sorrow for the trip, tips when going on a trip.
Travel-writer, was a work where using work time to carry out the trip to various places and afterwards to the writing object . He could produce two or three articles every time in a months. and was sold to the publication media all over the world.
From now on should not pass each kind of torque when travelling. and wrote in accordance with your capacity.maybe could increase your money.
If you were attracted by the world wrote. and want to learn about writing. please visited this site:


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