Sunday, December 28, 2008

Venice, The Convention Of Heart

Heaven for traveler.It is located in the north-east part of Italy on numerous small islands that belong to the Venetian Lagoon. found all beauty of the very interesting tourist attraction.
Also known as a magnetic point for sweethearts, lovers, artists, and poets, Venice is a magic city, which stretches across numerous small islands. It is often called as the city of "gondole" as the city is surrounded by canals.
GONDOLAS are the most famous and romantic meansfor experiencing the city.As we know that Venice surrounded by canals (150 of them).
gondola is a water vehicle that generally there in Venice. With the driver standing in front of this boat . Although, we can rent music players will listen to the song during the trip on Venice city.. we will not find this kind of vehicle in other places. Your sweetheart will be me!

We can take a beautiful picture along these city.we can also use bus water, the alternative way for transportation.we could saw Piazza San Marco and its famous pigeons, Rialto Bridge, St Mark's Basilica the artistic building, Santa Maria della Salute.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Internet Vendor Chapter Two

The other method to earn from the internet was to sell the product through the online auctions through online auction like that was seen on the Yahoo Auctions or Ebay.
When you travel around the world certainly you shopped for things that were unique and typical from each country. Certainly you will get the profit that was reasonable by selling it back went through the auction via the Internet. Where the prospective buyer came from various corners of the world.
That was carried out by you only the souvenir or the typical product other in each place or the country that you visit. While distributing the shopping hobby, but produced money. You will enjoy this activity. Nice to try because this business have small risk.
There are people who have hobby to buy and sell goods that have been re-purchasing. But many also taken seriously so that can be used as a source of income.

With millions kind of thing that were auctioned on the ebay site . The ebay was the aim for surfer to get the unique product in an online. I will say if ebay was the road for you to distribute the travelling hobby at the same time receiving the production from various places anywhere also all over the world that connected to the Internet.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Internet Vendor Chapter One

One of the best ways to get revenue from any place around the world who have internet network is to sell products or information online.
Along with the development of information technology, almost no place in the world that is not the internet network. Once you have a website, you can automatically deal. Even when the holiday, really fun to get money while traveling.
You do not need company, you do not need to have permission operational. doesn't need employees. You work for yourself. You can do when in Paris, in Amsterdam, in the Switzerland, in Venice.

Many website that offers to pay a certain amount of the commission, if we can attract visitors to their sites. The visitors can directly deal, you do not need to intervene hands again. after the visitors pay, then we get commission. Really simple and easy to do. While we are sleeping, commission still overflow to our pocket.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008


A chain of 1190 little coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean that forms the archipelago of the Maldives in 80- 120 km wide, stretching 860 km from latitude 7° 6"N to 0° 41"S and lying between 72° 32" and 73° 45"E. Out of the 1190 islands, only 201 islands are inhabited. Almost 99% of the country being the ocean, it is one of the most unique nations in the world.
Despite it's geographical isolation, Maldives is easily accessible. Many airlines offer regular schedule and charter flights from Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa. Male' International Airport is located on an island of its own which is just over a kilometer long. The island is for the exclusive usage of the airport and is only 10 minutes from the capital by boat.
A tourist visa of thirty days will be granted on arrival to all visitors with valid travel documents, A confirmed hotel reservation is required for immigration clearance, visitors without hotel reservations should seek assistance at the airport tourist information counter right outside the arrival hall.

The islands of Maldives persuade tourists with promises of 'the last paradise on earth', and if your idea of paradise is white sand beaches with turquoise waters glistening, tropical gardens exploding in beautiful color and picture perfect sunsets igniting the sky, then the Maldives will never let you down. It's also a major destination for scuba divers, who come for the magnificent coral reefs and the wealth of marine life.
At present there are 87 resorts and a large number of cruise vessels that operate in the tourism industry. The number of tourist arrivals reached 429,700 in the year 2000 and is expected to grow by 8% during the year 2001. About 79% of tourists originated from Europe, mainly from Italy and Germany, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.
taken by:

Maldives Travel Guide – Maldives Holiday Resorts, Hotels and Islands

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Efficient Cost While On Holiday

The key to enjoying the holidays is a convenient and cost-efficient planning. When vacation plans determined far-distant day, you can save the cost of at least 20 percent.Moreover, and you also not too panic because of the hotel ,transportation, and the aim of the tour has been scheduled neatly.
If you don't plan your holiday start from earlier, when the time coincides with the day-to-day most, for example, before the school summer holidays. Your cost is much higher than if you have to order everything a few months ago.
The cost of a holiday that is not planned to be fold greater than it should.
The reason is, when the holiday arrives usually the transport fares and accommodation rates higher than usually or peak season.

besides the school holidays, cost in peak season also apply when or before the Christmas and new year. Many airlines and hotels will apply the highest price, and the availability of the room also not necessarily exist.
For tickets with a cheaper price, you should consider the conditions attached to the cheapness is the price in order to you not disappointed.
for example, must have bought tickets three months before the holiday moment, the ticket can not be changed route, or the ticket can not change into money.
While the price of each airline also vary. For example, from the type of food provided, waiting room comfort, spaciousness and seat in the aircraft cabin.
you can also read the tip before getting lift.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Abroad

For anyone who have a lot of money and had much spare time, some of them spend a lot of
the end of this year by visiting to several countries.
for people who are familiar, it may travel and holiday are enjoyable events . But for people who the first time on holiday abroad, many of the things they have not yet know. So, learn some tips for you who have plan traveling abroad.
1. Make sure you have a valid passport and visa, which has required.
2. Get consular Information Sheets in the countries you will visit
3. Find information about the law and culture in the countries you will visit, to avoid actions that violate the rules.
4. Create two copies of the identification page in your passport, this will be easier if your passport stolen or lost. Leave one copy at home and ask your friends or family to keep it.

5. Leave the hotel contact number or numbers that can be contacted while you are abroad for emergency things.
6. Do not leave your goods in places that are not safe, do not receive packages or objects from strangers.
7. To avoid criminal action, avoid using the colorful clothing or jewelry that expensive. Do not bring money in the amount of cash.
8. To prevent the deception or the violation of the law, exchanging money or your valuable items to the legal agency.

I hope these tips are useful for us before traveling abroad. so that we can enjoy safe and comfortable with the holiday.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travelling cheap

If we are going on a trip definitely we were ready to spend our money. Then not rare many merchant who increased the price of his merchandise repeatedly . Their target are the tourists. Don't hesitate bargain up to 50%. Possibly from them that remained with the price, but don't surrender. Definitely we receive the cheap price.
The hotel or the restaurant that the location near the city, the price is more expensive than usual. Because you could not bargain that price. Definitely you must look for the hotel or the restaurant which it located far from the center of the city.

Washed clothes could spend an amount of money that we had. If using of the laundry service your certainly spent much money. Because usually it was counted from the number of clothes that wanted to be washed.
So the solution is , try to rent of the washing machine. Because usually the price that was offered is cheap enough.
Or if we wanted cheaper, we could wash him in wastafel. Try to get for kind cotton clothes . because it fast to dry.
You could use these tips or not. Because if you had much money certainly you were free to use facilities anything from hotel. In fact to choose service that you want. Or chosing the thing like souvenir, depended your finance. Choose the luxury item also the decision was on your hands.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The tip before getting a lift in the aircraft ( for the long-distance flight)

1. Try to get check-in two hours before the flight schedule . Show the aircraft ticket and pasport. confirmed with no mistake in the writing name.
2. If you buy the sharp object like scissors, the pocket knife, don't put it into the bag that carried to the passenger cabin.
3. For the trip try to get to drink and eat well. Drink the pure water to avoid dehidration. avoid drink something that contained caffeine, like tea and coffee and the alcoholic drink.
4. Because atmospheric pressure in the cabin, be careful with headache or sick in the ears. To overcome the headache . You could take medicine Regional Regulations for headache like aspirin. Try to get to sleep for a moment.For the feeling of being sick on ears, asked for cotton that was wetted alcohol to stewardess. Placed to cover the two holes of ears.There is other way that to try to chewing kind of gum or to eat and drink something.

5. Rest enough. try to get to sleep for the trip, especially for a long trip. to avoided jetlag
6. During the trip try doing a little sport exercise . To avoid blood clotting in legs. Look the instruction in the page inflight magazine that was provided by the airline
7. Look for the method of eliminating saturation by reading the book or magazine. should not too much serious. because of having the difference between comfort read on the plane and read in home. Or see the film or television through the monitor that was provided in the plane.

If we applied steps on us will feel comfortable during in the flight. moreover the long distance flight . we will not feel bored. try these method.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be Careful With the Situation Around You

I had seen in the television about the crime . Be careful with the situation around you. This incident was real.

The first case :
when a person ( he is a traveller) went to a cafe. When entering inside this cafe he was approached by someone that not he knew before. Instantly he is closely. He bought a drink. When in speaking, he asked permission to go for a moment or went to toilet. But he didn't came back. and he left several quite moderate bills.
To drain our pocket . this was the network of the mafia that lurked traveller. he made scenario. He followed us before we entered to cafe. In fact during us in the hotel.

the second case :

when someone went on a trip to the place or the country that not he knew before. when in the road he was acquainted with someone. He was so good. In fact like the friend.We gave anything that he want. We can called this as a hypnotic . We were hypnotised by words, applause on the back, in fact through the wink eyes. so as we followed what he said.

This incident did not happen in the cafe, the restaurant, or bar. but also could happen in hotel. could during breakfast. Enjoyed hotel facilities like gym, swimming pool, hotel longue.Don't be startled when several bills waited us. Therefore we must be caferul. I will write about another crime and how to overcome it in next posting

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Monday, December 8, 2008


A grand hotel was built in's located in Dubai.with $1.5 billion resort development. 5 minutes from the village centre which is located in the trunk of the Palm, and 30 minutes from Dubai city centre. Dubai International Airport is only 45 minutes away. A destination in itself, Atlantis, The Palm combines luxurious accommodation with thrilling leisure facilities.
Atlantis has a total of 1,539 luxurious and very spacious rooms and suites within the Royal Towers. All rooms offer great views over the Arabian Gulf or Palm Jumeirah. The Bridge Suite is a unique accommodation which joins both the West and East towers. The two Lost Chambers’ Suites also offers excellent views into the Ambassador Lagoon. Room amenities include satellite television, interconnecting doors, air conditioning, balcony, tea & coffee machines, safe, minibar, bath with separate shower, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, bathrobes and slippers, high speed internet and two line telephone.

With a wide range of leisure facilities and its very own resort theme park and excellent business facilities, Atlantis, the Palm caters for all types of travelers.
Aquaventure, a sensational 42 acre water based theme park, it is an ideal choice for both thrill seekers as well as those looking for relaxing and calm water rides. The theme park has it’s very own private beach area and a wide range of water sport rides and swimming pool. Guests can also experience and interact with dolphins and other sea creatures at Dolphin Bay. The Ambassador Lagoon is one of the world's largest marine habitats having more than 65,000 fish and marine species.
Atlantis, The Palm has over 16 restaurants offering foods from around the world, many featuring celebrity chefs.
Two Royal Tower Pools with large decks and pool cabanas; Royal Towers private beach; The Spa with 27 wet and dry treatment rooms; A cosmopolitan avenue with 20 boutiques; A night club.

The hotel is also inside luxury decorated, and you are going to feel spoiled, like in 1001 Nights.
.....Wow it's amazing for us. This was heaven for travellers. who that want to enjoyed the luxurius. prepare budget for spend the night only during one night.
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Tour Guide

To a tourist guide was one of the methods for free traveling. The tourist guide had the important role because of even more traveling tourists in groups to an area or the foreign country.This tourist guide is usually provided by the travel agent. Kind of facilities were given including the aircraft ticket for came back to home, accommodation in participants spent the night, eating facilities for the trip, and pocket money.
But as our tourist guide must have good knowledge about the tourism place. Because this job is give details explanation the tourist member from the background of the city or about the story, the conduct and the living habit of the local community, suggestion buying cheap souvenir even expensive souvenir for collection.
there are two jobs for this area . Tour Guide and Tour Director.
Tour Director had more tasks.
During the trip with the party's member, served the interests to member. Taking boarding pass the aircraft, the luggage regulation, the transport regulation, chek-in/out in the hotel destination , the distribution of the room for participants, until scheduling for trip.

The work in this field have patience in served, in fact accommodated all complained . Good ability in management . Have capacity to communicated well, and the ability to speak in other foreign language. Must update regional knowledge that will be visited

Work in this field was enough income. between 40 and 120 dollar in fact could until exceeded . Depending the duration and the level of the difficulty from the trip program. We can get nice tips from the member . The merchant usually give nice commission between 10 to 15 percent from the total sale.

At the same time we also to travel writer or travel photographer. May this escort be useful to anyone that want to work in the field . Theimportant thing is we can traveling around the world for free.
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